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This is what it looks like when Victoria Beckham wears flats

by AaronNelson (writer), , October 08, 2015

After 20 years in the public eye and a commitment to high heels, Victoria Beckham has finally given her feet a break.

The fashion designer, who famously said that she "couldn't concentrate" in flats, has been enjoying a more relaxed style of late and said she's even appreciating the beauty of a pair of brogues.

In February of this year, she said her style has evolved as her eponymous line continues to keep her on her feet all day.

"As you get older, you get a different kind of confidence," she said.

"I'm busier now – so I couldn't totter around in a tight dress and a pair of heels! I think I feel a little more relaxed."

But the mother-of-four isn't wearing just any pair of flats - she is, naturally she's sporting her own pair of black and white pointed brogues.

"I suppose if I'm being honest, I would have been scared, right at the beginning, to wear lots of layers and to wear a flat shoe. I would have been scared to do that. Now I'm not," she added.

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