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Why are Visitors Leaving Your Website so Soon? You Just Met!

by Jeremy Flores (writer), , October 07, 2015

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Have a look at 10 main reasons why visitors leave your website!

If your analytics are showing that visitors are coming to your site but staying only a very short time before bouncing out, you need some serious assessment of your landing page and what is causing people to leave before they even get a “taste” of the products and services you are offering. There are both practical and psychological reasons for bounce rates, and here are 10 things you need to look at very carefully.


You’ve got 4 seconds at the most, maybe only 2. If your site is not loading within that speed, no one will stay. There are two possible reasons – your hosting is bad (get a new host), or you’ve got images and other media that are taking a long time to load (if you can’t compress these, get someone who can).

You are Not Mobile Friendly

Research, social media, and yes, even landing pages are being accessed by mobile devices. If your site is not responsively designed for mobile customers or if you have not adopted a “mobile first” strategy, then your competition has the advantage and will be the source for these mobile users. You mobile site or app should be simple, with very few tasks for the user. If they have to swipe through pages of content, they’ll leave and not return.

Too Much to Read

Whether they are using a PC or a mobile device, no visitor want to read lengthy prose. This can really affect a conversion rate for a website. They want immediate solutions – solutions that are shown by pictures, infographics, short videos and such. You may want to give wonderful descriptions of all that you have to offer; your visitor does not want not read them.


Visitors need to find what they are looking for very quickly. You need links that are clearly self-explanatory and that load very quickly. The fewer the better, but make sure they are really clear. Drop downs are good for mobile users, as long as they do not give 50 options. Consolidate and simplify!

Content is Boring/Unattractive

If someone arrives at your landing page and it not immediately drawn in, you have lost the “first round,” and the chances of them staying are not good. This is a design issue. You have to “know” your target customer inside and out; you have to have a design that that customer finds attractive and compelling; you have to engage immediately with short compelling content and media/graphics that immediately pulls that visitor in.

Asking for Too Much Information Too Soon

Web consumers are savvy. They recognize a “pushy” hard sell when they see one, and it turns them off. What they want is to get to know a company, to develop a trust in the organization. If you try to get a conversion, such as an email address, right away, they are suspicious and will definitely bounce. Take your time and be patient. Point them in the direction of your “story” instead.

Remember KISS

Keep it Simple, Stupid. If your landing page has too many options or is so cluttered with text, media and graphics, most visitors will be confused and distracted. They will not be funneled into any conversion direction because they won’t know what to do first. Keep your design simple and the options few.

Landing Content Does Not Match the Advertising that Brought Visitors to You

When you place ads or teasers somewhere else to draw visitors to your site, if that landing page does not match the ad or teaser, you are immediately labeled a “scam” and forever on the “black list” of those visitors. Your landing page headline must match what your ad or teaser actually promoted.

No Clear “Next Step” for the Visitor to Take

You need to be in control of the steps in the process of getting conversions. Guide your visitors through their journey on your site – don’t leave them hanging out there wondering how to get to the information they want or need.

Bad Writing and Grammar

You need to keep text to a minimum and at least break it up with heading, bullet points and media/graphics. But beyond that what you do write needs to be simple, engaging, and reflective of perfect grammar, spelling, punctuation, and language usage. Do not rely on yourself (if you are not a really seasoned skilled writer) or anyone else on your team unless that individual has demonstrated skill and talent in this area. Better to hire that writing done.

Here then are the 10 keys to reducing rapid bounce rates from your site. Use them as a checklist as you re-evaluate what your landing page looks like and asks a visitor to do.

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