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HBS Conducts A Smart Workshop By A Smart Mentor

Heritage Business School, Kolkata organized a Workshop on “Overcoming Negativity and Facilitating Skills at the Workplace” on August 21, 2015 at the Swami Vivekananda Auditorium, Heritage Campus.

Heritage Business School recently conducted an industry friendly workshop at their campus which was conducted by Michael A. Potter. A professor from the renowned MAP International of United Kingdom, he is an extremely talented and smart mentor. IISWBM, Army Institute of Management, Institute of Management Studies, Globsyn Institute of Management, Heritage Institute of Technology, The Heritage Academy and Young Horizon School also attended the event.

About the mentor

He is not just a Globalist, an International Management Development Consultant and Trainer but a Writer, Speaker and a Global HR Expert too. He is a specialist in Business, People Management and training both in the public and the private sectors across the globe. Porter, an extremely talented man also has a great sense of humor.

Creating an Effective Workplace

In order to make the students aware about how the industry works. The topic for discussion was chosen as Overcoming Negativity and Facilitating Skills at the Workplace. The workshop was divided into discussions like effective communication skills, effective problem solving and decision making skills and the ways to have a effective workplace relationship skills. There were also other activities to judge the abilities of the students. Communication skills were tested and along with it a logical puzzle was assigned to the students to test problem solving skills. SWOT analysis and network–building skills were also scrutinized.

Panel Discussion

A panel discussion that followed in the post lunch session has been on “While Team Building and Soft Skills Reign the Roost, Facilitating Skills and Overcoming Negativity in the Workplace have become essential for an Effective Leader”.The esteemed panelists included experts like Mr Sujoy Banerjee, President of Human Resources and Organizational Development, Mr P K Chatterjee, Joint President HR, Birla Corporation Limited, Ms Shiuli Biswas , Associate Vice President, Human Resources of ABP Pvt ltd, Mr George Thomas, Vice President, Corporate HR & Admin of MSP Group and also Mr Subrato Banerjee, General Manager HR of Anmol Feeds Pvt Ltd. These senior executives today chart the course of HR for the Indian Industry.

The Discussion was moderated by Dr. Madhurima Ganguly, Assistant Professor of Heritage Business School. Designed to benefit the executives of the industry, faculty and students of Management Institutions, the workshop has been immensely successful.

Organizations who Attended the Workshop

There were several Executives from Industry from organizations like Spencers Group, Vikram Group, Patton Group, Hi-Tech Group, Sarda Ply, Tech Mahindra also attended the Workshop and panel Discussion. The event was designed to benefit Executives in Industry, irrespective of their Functional Areas, Faculty of Management Institutions, Students of Management Institutions, and Management Consultants.

Porter, a brilliant speaker kept all the students hooked on to his conversation by sharing real life experiences. These examples were extremely helpful for the better understanding of the students as well as industry persons. Overall 346 Delegates benefitted from the Event.

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