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What you should know about web design

by Brent Burns (writer), Orange County, New York, October 11, 2015

Web design is a commonly used word combination today. But do you fully understand what stands behind this notion? This article will help you to dot the i's.

Web design is a combination of business and art. You can call it a mixture, as web design can be sold, but it requires some artistic approach. We can separate three main directions in web design:

  • Informational;
  • Graphic;
  • Technical.

First of all, we think about how to create a web resource and from what point starts the work on the site.

Informational design (or consulting)

What is your site and why do you need it? Before creating a designer or developer will ask you the following questions:

  • What is your audience? (in terms of marketing);
  • What are your business processes?;
  • What structure does your site require;
  • How much information2 and of what type will you place on your site.

This information is necessary for developers and designers in order to create a site which will meet your requirements and at the same time, will be easy to navigate for users. Why most users visit companies’ web sites? To get more information about services offered by the company. That’s why it’s important to make the most frequently visited parts of your site easily accessible. Now let’s get down to graphic design.

Graphic design

When a visitor lands on your site for the first time, the first thing that’s taken into consideration is its appearance. Appearance includes logo, background colors, product or service images, graphic effects. Your design will make the initial impression on a new user, so you need to take a good care of it.

The first stage of graphic web design is the initial idea development and its graphic representation. Your site’s color gamut should not only to match your corporate colors, but also leave positive feedback from your visitors.

Second stage includes the creation of graphic objects on your site, which are created according to your site navigation and structure. Also keep in mind that unique design can help to get returning visitors due to its prominent features.

All in all, unique recognizable design is one of the toughest challenges in web design.

Technical design

The main task of technical design is to convert graphic design into the fully functional web site with pages. Also, you need to keep your site updated so that your visitors and potential clients see that the information is actual and your business is active. We at StaffYourTeam are sure that hiring a dedicated team will help you to escape all the possible pitfalls of web design.

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