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Dedicated Server Hosting for Your Business - Yes or No?

by Goky B (writer), , October 19, 2015

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Dedicated server hosting is a type Internet hosting service where clients acquire an entire server, enabling them to have full control over the server and access to all of its features.

The term dedicated server hosting denotes the model of renting and using a computer, which includes a web server, all the necessary software, and the connection to the Internet. The machine is usually stored in the premises of the hosting provider. Dedicated servers are useful when a business grows to a point where its website has plenty of visitors every day and develops a substantial amount of traffic.

Using such a hosting saves money by cutting down network administration and Internet connection costs, as well as costs related to cyber security. The server can be operated and configured remotely, that is, by the client. In some cases the hosting provider obliges the client to use a specific computer system, in others, the client is offered to choose among several systems. But virtually all hosting providers will not rent the server to clients who will use it to store illegal video or music, or pornographic content.

Sharing a server with other people means that the hosting provider won’t give you administrative access to the server itself, thus actually limiting what you can do with your website. However, dedicated hosting includes root/administrator access – you’ll be able to install programs and configure it as you see fit. It will also allow you to monitor the usage of server resources. These options make it easier to spot potential issues and deal with them before they affect the functionality of your website.

The deal gives the client a specified amount of hard disk space, bandwidth and memory. Some web hosting providers will even allow the client to rent the server themselves as virtual hosting.

Such a hosting is known for its reliability: sites hosting a lot of images and videos use dedicated servers to keep running quickly and without downtime. Server resources will not be shared with others, as you’ve got an entire server for yourself: your website will never be down or unavailable because somebody else is using the resources your site needs to run.

The only real downside is the price: dedicated servers are much more expensive than shared servers, and are only necessary for those sites which use a lot of bandwidth; some consider server administration and diagnostics to be more challenging with dedicated servers than shared servers, but that is a misconception.

Hosting providers have qualified technical support for any issues that may arise with configuring and running your server. E-mail, file transfer protocol and domain name system are usually included in the package and most providers have user friendly interfaces, making them easy to use. And even if you don’t want to or don’t know how to configure the server, the provider (or some third party, if you choose so) will do it for you.

Hosting providers usually guarantee to keep the server computer in a safe, controlled environment: a lot of small businesses don’t have the extra space to host their own server, or to keep it in a climate-controlled environment. Companies which provide dedicated servers oblige to keep it in perfect condition, so moist, condensation, temperatures and any other environmental conditions are not yours to worry about.

Dedicated hosting may not be for everyone, but if your website contains a lot of photographs, video material, or is visited by thousands every day, it’s a viable option you should consider.

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