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Blues, Ballads, Communing, and Creative flow

by Kim (writer), Los Angeles, October 06, 2007

Nestled in the heart of Leimert Park at 4339 Leimert Blvd. you will find "Babe and Ricky's Inn.

A mellow and almost quaint place in appearence. One will experience "the Blues" at its best at this sanctuary.

Babe and Ricky's is owned and operated by Laura Mae Gross known as "Mama" by her patrons, musicians and community members she provides a haven for well-known and aspiring amateur musicians to epitomize the Blues. The home-like venue gives an opportunity for ardent music lovers to mingle from all walks of life.

As soon as you step inside the door there is a feeling of fellowship and oneness that greets you and your cares are quickly tucked away.

Each song performed portrays a story that communicates personally and candidly of not only every day life, but of one's own individual life experiences. It rings through the room in a poetic form in sync.

The intimate seating add to the feeling of community and the sensitive lighting is just right for communing, listen and eating.

Monday nights at Babe and Ricky's host a jam session where you may find yourself own stage with the sultry Blues Queen, Micky Champion telling your story in harmony along the impeccable rhythm section.

The audience can participate with down home call and response and applause for the cause.

Around 10:00 pm, an incredibly delicious homemade soul food dinner consisting of fried chicken, collard greens, black-eyed peas, rice, and cornbread is served to the musicians and patrons. A past time which has occurred on Monday jam night since the birth of the club.

Babe and Ricky's Inn hosts varies events on each week night and on weekends. Even in the event one doesn't listen to the Blues, Monday Night jam session at Babe and Ricky's is treat not to miss.

The history, music, fellowship is a experience like none other. It confirms that music is a language to cross all barriers, in all walks of life. The Blues at Babe and Ricky's Inn articulate in volumes what we each live on a daily basis.

The music performed at this innovative and unique club is a journey to take again and again.

Stop by, enter in, bring your horn, voice, and a friend and watch the magic begin.

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By Neon on September 24, 2009 at 03:40 pm

Let’s talk about the blues and some of the things you can do to deal with ’em. Because if you got ’em, and I mean really got ’em, to the point where you’re walking around feeling like Jimmy Stewart on the bridge in It’s a Wonderful Life, the one thing you wanna do is get rid of ’em. There are ways. There is hope.

The blues in our modern world come from a wide range of sources—money problems (a nice bumper crop of those goin’ around), romantic disasters (always in vogue), and health woes are three of the more popular. It doesn’t matter much from where your blues came. You just know they’ve taken up residence on your living room couch and aren’t showing much inclination to leave anytime soon.

Step one: Hit the gym. I’m tellin’ ya. When dealing with the blues, this is one of your most powerful allies. And when I say hit the gym, I mean, HIT the gym. POUND those weights. BURN UP that treadmill. BEAT yourself up in there. You’ll quite literally feel physically better as you head for home, and that’s the whole point, right?

Step two: Music. Don’t overlook the feel-good powers of your favorite music. Turn out the lights, turn off that damned idiot box, crank up the stereo, and get into it. Listening to music will remind you that you’re not alone. Many times, you’ll realize that the people writing and playing these songs were just as screwed up as you are right now. Somehow, that’s nice. By all means, dance. Play air drums. And yes, it may be a bit obvious, but go ahead and listen to some good blues. It couldn’t hurt!

Step three: Make damned sure you don’t make things any worse. For example, you go to a bar, get righteously faced, have a great time—and then you get nailed in a DUI checkpoint. Urk. Nothing exponentially compounds a case of the blues like a DUI. Feel like fighting? Avoid. Who wants to deal with the blues while nursing a broken nose? And paying for some cretin’s medical fees? Very blues-compounding strategy. Bottom line, damage control is important. Keep the lid on.

Step four: Use your “blues power” for good. If you’re currently in a state of bluesiness to where you’re getting by on one sandwich a day, use this. You’re gonna drop some pounds here, courtesy of the “blues diet,” which is quite effective. If your sleeping time has gone from eight to two hours a night, use this as well. Have some kind of all night film festival. Learn how to make Indian food. Dig up a stump. Paint little neon dots on the bathroom wall. The important thing here—have something to show for your insomnia.

And finally—there’s always Paxil.

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