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Spice Up Your Wine: Best Wine Cocktail Recipes

by Dan Radak (writer), , September 26, 2015

Wine Cocktails

When people think about cocktails, they usually think about colorful drinks based on strong spirits.

However, it is time to loosen up the definition of a cocktail and start adding wine into that tasty equation. Some may be reluctant to mix the wine with anything else, but giving at least one of these cocktails a chance can change your view on wine and cocktails, altogether. Here is the list of wine cocktails that you have to try at least once.

Cucumber Mint Fizz

This is a perfect summer drink that everybody will enjoy. You will need equal shares of Sauvignon Blanc and the lovely Spanish Cava. 3 oz. each will be enough. First, you need to strain and grate the cucumber until you get 1 oz. of cucumber water in your blender. Add the lime juice in half of that amount, as well as a bit of sugar and coarsely cut mint leaves. Top that with Cava and Sauvignon Blanc and blend it. Pour it into glasses and decorate with thin slices of cucumber.

Red Hot Summer

This is one of the lovely and sweet wine specials that will get you through the hot summer. You will need ¾ c. of red wine. In a separate glass, make a lemonade that is made of equal parts of lemon and lime. Take a couple of strawberries and cut them in quarters. Also, slice the lime into the wheels and put a couple of those, together with the strawberries into the glass with the wine. Add ice. Top the glass with the lemonade. Perfectly combined tastes with ice will please every palate.

Princess of the Hive

To make this cocktail, you first have to make some plain syrup. In order to do this, you will need equal parts of water and sugar. Heat the sugar up and be careful for it not to get stuck on the walls of your vessel. Add the hot water gradually until you get the syrup. The sugar needs to be totally dissolved. You will need half an ounce of the syrup for this cocktail. Put it in the shaker and add the same amount of Peach Schnapps. Above that, add gin, lemon juice and Redtree Moscato, 1 oz. each. Top the shaker with ice. Shake it and strain it into a glass.

Death in the Afternoon

This is said to be one of the Hemingway’s favorite cocktails when he spent time in France. It is quite easy to make and the greenish color is very interesting. You need to take a Champagne flute and pour 1 oz. of licorice liqueur. Top that glass with Champagne and your cocktail is ready. The Champagne needs to be properly chilled, of course.

The truth is, you can think of your own cocktails with wine. All you need is a little bit of imagination and some nice wine. Perhaps it is best to start with the white wine as it allows for more combinations than the red one. Once you get a hold of it, you will be making your own combinations in no time.

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