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The Electric Buzz of Electric Cars in India

by Rajat Tyagi (writer), , September 23, 2015

This article discusses the advent of electric vehicles in the automobile industry, especially the rising number of electric cars in India.

With depleting fossil fuels and rising prices of those, more and more electric cars are coming up. This article discusses the advent of electric vehicles in the automobile industry, especially the rising number of electric cars in India, and talks about their benefits over petrol or diesel based vehicles.

The era of easy oil is over. The limited oil and gas reserves of the world are steadily depleting, and the energy demands are increasing exponentially. The result? Lowering of prices of fuel based vehicles but sky-rocketing prices of fuel. The increasing dependence on automobiles working on the internal combustion engine, have caused environmentalists all over the world to express their concern.

Fuel Emission – A Major Environmental Concern

Fuel based cars are the main contributors to the world pollution. They involve a lot of harmful emissions, which are cited to be a major reason for rising temperatures and global warming. Day after day, the problems created by these fossil fuel dependent cars are getting worse. These emissions cause ozone depletion, which further leads to the greenhouse effect. But we humans have hardly been paying any attention to the harmful effects of these automobiles on the environment.

The question is, that in such times, till when will the current fossil fuel reserves be able to quench the thirst of humankind? Keeping this in mind, the world is gradually moving over to unconventional sources of energy, which are easily accessible, reasonable, and durable. To make it possible for the common man to be able to own a vehicle, without having to spend incessantly on fuel, electric cars are now being launched in all parts of the world.

Electric cars: The Technological Breakthrough

Electric cars are alternative fuel automobiles that use electricity in place of oil or gas. They include controllers for propulsion. They do not work on the concept of internal combustion engines, thereby reducing harmful emissions manifold. This makes these cars energy efficient. As they have zero tail pipe emissions, they in no way contribute to the rising levels of air pollution.

How do they Work?

These cars basically work on on-board battery packs that store power. So, these cars can be conveniently recharged overnight, and can last an entire day. They are best-suited for short distance drives and nearby tours. They are light, mostly with aluminium bodies, and very easy to handle. Being much quieter than the vehicles in use today, they give the driver a peaceful ride.

Electric cars in India:

Various companies have launched many electric vehicles in India, owing to the rising demand of the same. These cars would result in lesser pollution, be it air or noise. Moreover, more people would be able to afford them. With a safe, quiet ride, the age of convenient travel would come into the picture.

2 – 6 Seater Electric Vehicles in India

Electric cars are available in different shapes and sizes, for all sorts of purposes. Two seaters are available with smaller batteries, mostly meant for neighbourhood commuting, police patrolling or campus/public safety patrol. Then there are four seaters, which are suitable for student transportation and site tours. For larger groups, there are even six seaters available in the market, that are convenient, as well as comfortable.

The world is changing, now it's your turn. So, leave behind the same old tedious routine of filling your vehicles at petrol pumps, and spending a major chunk of your money on oil. Instead, move on to the new age of electric cars, and simplify your ride, simplify your life.

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