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What's The World Coming To?

by 'Mean' Mike Duffau (writer), I'm the boss!, October 09, 2007


Let that sink in for a moment...

I'm not a political guru or an expert in the subject. But I do live in this country and I see things... I hear things... And I don't like it.
We cheat to win! We take the easy route to achieve goals. What happened to guts and glory?
We vote and we take it seriously but does our vote count? Is our voice heard? Not if they rig it up at the polls. The wrong man gets elected to run a country and look what happens? The people suffer! The same goes for any organization and even at the work force. All it takes is one bad apple and a chain reaction to destruction is the inevitable.

Yes, our country is the greatest and we're free... Supposedly! But we're slipping man! You disagree with me? There are parts in the good ol' U.S. of A that seem like a third world country with lack of food, clothing, and shelter. Don't forget the lack of education that's going around. While the teacher is up their busting his/her hump, the goody-goody so called 'generation Y' of today are too busy playing the PSP underneath their desk. Do you think I'm going to let the next generation operate on me when I'm old and grey? Ask yourselves why 'generation Y' are so damn stupid?
An old buddy of mine was denied entrance to University of California Berkeley, because they'd already met their quota of white, Christian, males (yes, his rejection letter said that). All other admittance was reserved for minorities under affirmative action. But it's ok to crowd the jails with ferocious criminals of different minorities to kill each other off.

Just a couple of months back an elderly woman was living at a apartment complex in the city of Hawthorne, Ca. She has been there since 1976. They raised her rent a hundred dollars more before the owner of the property slapped her with an eviction notice. Sources say they wanted new clientele which means out with the old and in with the new. So that's how a fellow American is treated when you reach a certain age? I hate to be in that vulnerable situation, but that's life and it's certain.
Taking away your drivers license is one thing but taking away your freedom is another. Especially when you called home for over 30 years. Just goes to show that nothing in this world is a guarantee.

I'm sure this happens to all of us at one or another when they hire a person who barely speaks a word of english to save his life. He's thrown into the mix with you and the rest of the experience co-workers. You take the time to train the individual in spite of the language barrier. He nods his head 'yes' that he understands how the system is done the proper way. All your efforts are back fired when he does the complete opposite of what you've told him. You go over it with him again and again! Other co-workers try and failed. In one ear and out the other! He's going to do what he wants and you get fed up with him. It even gets to the point you can't look him in the face. You've waisted your precious energy on this idiot for nothing. Now there's friction between you and him and the work suffers. New rules and regulations arise all because this one individual screws it up for everyone.
Where's the team work America?

People challenge me and ask what would I do if I were the president? This is what I'd do: First of all, I would cut off all ties with foreign countries. Before we can help others we must help ourselves. We need to strengthen our weaknesses and improve on what we lack. We have plenty of natural resources... Lets use them. It's more of a war zone here than it is in Iraq. So the gun control has to step it up and put the foot down. Look at the canadian policy... Need I say more? Draw your own conclusion.
There's so many avenues to get your news and it's all negative: children kidnapped, rapped, and murdered, a bank robbery, assult on a neighbor, another soilder dead, a car bomb, school killings, and most of all the fear of terrorist invading the United States, etc... Where's the news that gives us a positive outlook on life?

Remember when the presidents of old used to give motivational speeches?

"Give me liberty or give me death."

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By Lois on January 03, 2008 at 06:10 pm
I agree with ya.
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