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E.Q. Librium Unleashing Your Emotional Intelligence

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E.Q. Librium with Yvette Bethel. Yvette talks about the inspiration behind writing her book that talks about how to develop your emotional intelligence skills to achieve career success.

My journey into the domain of emotional intelligence started on what I thought was a simple path: a desire to learn how to manage my emotions. Emotional intelligence is a skill that can be used in any type of relationship. When writing my book I chose to focus on helping persons to develop their emotional intelligence while at work because on my consulting journey, I see so much need for it, but fortunately, emotional intelligence skills are applicable to all interpersonal relationships.

I started tracking the games people play at work, school, home, and church environments. In the work environment, I observed employees who seemed overwhelmed by the politics when they were forced to engage in at work. Over time, I started to accumulate a very long list of toxic interactions, and I started to explore how I could put this list to constructive use.

I consulted with Dr. Lucille Richardson an author and my mentor who helped me to improve the E.Q. Librium manuscript with so many valuable suggestions.Thanks to Lucille for her honesty, insight, and dedication to the quality of E.Q. Librium.

In my book "E.Q. Librium ” I provide over 25 real-life workplace scenarios leaders and employees will encounter in the workplace; easy to understand solutions to difficult situations, inspirational quotes, and self-assessment questions. Emotional Intelligence helps students improve their grades, employees improve their performance and achieve their career goals, managers can become better leaders and conflict can be resolved with expert skill.

I have to admit I always knew I would write, but behind my aspiration to write was, and still is, the greater desire to help my readers, students and listeners to bring about sustained transformation for themselves, improving their quality of life.It is so gratifying to hear from persons who used the material I produced to create meaningful change in their lives. That is what matters!

Yvette is an HR and change consultant, emotional intelligence practitioner, trainer, and author of the book EQ. Librium: Unleash the Power of Your Emotional Intelligence; A Proven Path to Career Success.. She is a Fulbright Scholar with over 25 years of experience. During her tenure in the banking industry, she served in senior capacities in corporate strategy, marketing, PR, training, and human resources. Yvette Bethel can be reached at Her book E.Q. Librium: Unleash the Power of Your Emotional Intelligence; A Proven Path to Career Success is also available at and other retailers.

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