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3 Unprecedented Benefits of a Responsive Design for SEO

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3 Reasons Why Responsive Web Design is Important

With the increasing number of browsers on tablets and mobile devices, it has become essentially vital to create a website that is universally accessible across all platforms.

After setting the bar in 2012, responsive web design filled the gap that was required to merge the cross platform browsing. It wasted no time in becoming the central framework for modern websites, and the users just loved it.

What makes responsive web design so different and widely acceptable over other mobile solutions like dynamically served mobile websites or even against the standalone mobile website? Well, a number of pros and the least number of cons, that’s what.

But can the responsive design stand strong against the power hunger requirements of search engine optimization? As a SEO Company India, we would totally like to agree of the ripples RWD has caused in the entire spectrum of website development, including SEO.

So here are some of the backing reasons as to why responsive design and SEO will help you rank higher on the SERP.

Google Loves and Recommends RWD

Well, first things first, Google is the divine entity everyone wants to be on the good side of, trying every possible move to impress Google. So when Google not only recommends RWD as the best way to target mobile users, it also ranks you higher if your website is responsive ready. This holds very true in cases of mobile local searches (highly beneficial to local business).

The topic is still hot on whether it is logical to have to separate domains for mobile and desktop, but strictly from the SEO perspective, a single domain is ranks high on utility as it is comparatively easy for Google to crawl and consolidate the content of one domain together instead of splitting it in 2 separate URLs.

One Website = One URL

Although a separate mobile site has benefits of its own, the advantages of a universal domain are unparalleled. But if you have a lot of content on your website (list based sites or news websites) it only makes sense to keep the mobile site as a responsive site with large content will end in longer time of scrolling to locate a certain article. If there is a dedicated mobile site, refining the content becomes easier and a mobile site definitely comes handy.

But from the standpoint of SEO, nothing can be better than managing just one URL which connects all your backlinks, and build up social shares combined irrespective of where the content is viewed (mobile, desktop, tablet or TV)

Superior User Experience

The advantages the user gets with a responsive design are vast. Even if one is on a mobile device, they can still access the desktop site with ease. Furthermore sharing links open a whole new door, as someone browsing from desktop can link the website to a friend who can access the exact page from his mobile, one the go. If the website is responsive and designed well, the content will look the same on any screen. Going responsive is the best bet for local businesses as they can deliver optimal experience for their users.

If you would like to know any additional information regarding RWD or SEO feel free to contact one of the leading website design company in India.

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