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CEH Certification Programmes: An Outlook

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CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) Certification by Koenig Solutions
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Ever since the advent of wiki leaks or the revelations of Edward Snowden, we cannot be sure of our data being fully secured anymore.

Our data, which we might have put on social networking sites or on our systems, is liable to be misused by certain factions. The pertinent question is whether there is a way via which we can put a stop to this malice? Well there is indeed a solution to this problem, which in its very nature is malignant. Ethical Hackers can provide a respite in this regard, for they have the ability to bypass security and look for apparent chinks in the armour of your computer security which can potentially be exploited by the hackers. So if you do plan to join the legion of Ethical Hackers in this quest of securing data, then there is no better plan than to enroll for a certified ethical hacker course at Koenig solutions. Let us have a look at a few courses which are provided by them as regards ethical hacking training.

At Koenig solutions, the courses have been categorized under three specific parameters based on their utility.

1) Multiple Certifications:

For someone seeking a blend of varied multitudes of knowledge, the courses; CEH/Advance Penetration with Backtrack and CEH alongside ITIL Foundation can prove to be the ideal regimes. Depending on your zest and panache for the ethical hacker training, you can fast track your course tenure and complete it within 7 days as against to the stipulated 16 days (For CEH alongside backtracking techniques) and 12 days (CEH + ITIL foundation) . This very flexibility in scheduling makes Koenig Solutions as the provider of one of the best CEH courses in India. Post the completion of the former, you can be assured of applying the best penetration techniques available in the industry while the latter will provide you ample nuances; so that you can comprehend the likes of starvation tools and the consequent starvation attacks that might malign the system.

2) Security:

Security, as a principle lies at the very heart of certified ethical hacker course. Koenig Solutions offers a multitude of courses regarding the same. Let’s have a look at a few of them:-

a) Cyber Security-

Integrating the best of the technologies available, namely; CHFI v8 and CEH v8, this course will ensure that you excel in the field of web security. Post the completion of this course you can be assured of thwarting wireless attacks. Moreover your ability to comprehend and analyze computer forensics and act accordingly will be crucially improved. In a regular track regimen, you can complete this course over a span of 12 days. However, in case of a fast track orientation, the course can be completed in 8 days.

b) Combo CEH + CCNA-

This course provides an additive edge to the pursuers of those interested in hacking training, as under this course you will be able to garner the nuances of upgraded CCNA 2.0 version. Via this, you will be able to imbibe the facets of generic LAN networking alongside troubleshooting.


Backed by EC-COUNCIL, Koenig solutions have the luxury to provide the official curriculum recommended by the council. This is yet another accomplishment by Koenig solutions, thereby making this course one of the best CEH courses in India. What makes this course even more relevant is its ability to impart you analytical skills to counter the hacking attacks across varied mobile platforms like IOS, Android etc.

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