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Sassy & Trouble of Atlanta Need a Home!

by Carrie C. House (writer), Roswell, October 01, 2007


The importance and magnitude of a lifetime commitment...

Sassy and Trouble are sweet and fun loving black Lab siblings whose lives recently took a terrible turn for the worse. They'd spent their entire, happy lives together with their family. Life was pretty good - a loving home with a single mom, a boy of their very own and all the kitty cats they could snuggle. Then disaster struck. It was unimaginable.

Their mom died suddenly leaving everyone distraught and in despair... and to make matters worse, they became homeless on top of it all. Everything changed. Sassy and Trouble were in a bad spot - no place to live - nowhere to go – no mom to look out for them. What remained of their family was spread among several homes.

Although friends pitched in to help in every way they could, no one could take in two large Labs. But these friends cared deeply for this family so they refused to let Animal Control step in knowing that large, black dogs don't stand much of a chance of being adopted from a shelter. And these two dogs were just too good to turn their backs on.

Their boy, still struggling with the loss of his mother, loved them very much. Since his home situation and life were in turmoil, he realized that he had no other choice but to give up his dogs – to seek help finding them a new home.

So, with slumped shoulders and teary eyes, he asked us to help find them a new loving family. It was a very difficult decision because he wanted his dogs to stay with him but he knew he needed to do what was best for them. These two pups have spent their entire lives together and are now confused and a little scared but still sweet, funny and well behaved. They are missing their family life terribly. They need and deserve to find a home together. Besides, we promised their boy we’d do everything we could to keep them together. We promised Sassy and Trouble we'd do our best too.

Sassy and Trouble… with names like that they do sound like a handful but "lap full" is more appropriate - a lap full of eager-to-please, loving Retrievers. They're nothing at all what their names imply. They are 5 years old, nicely tempered and fully house-trained. They love kids and they just adore cats. We desperately need to get them out of boarding and into a foster home immediately so we can reduce their stress and work on finding their forever home as quickly as possible. They've been through enough... separation just isn't an option... they need each other.

Do you have a little extra room in your heart and your home for this beautiful pair of orphans? They would love to be part of a family again... and maybe have a big fenced yard to play in… maybe a kitty cat or two... and maybe, just maybe, a boy of their very own again...

Please go to if you're interested in helping Sassy and Trouble find a permanent, loving home. There is an application to adopt them on our website. These two are too sweet to be stuck in a kennel while they wait for a family to love them again.

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