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Lawn restoration and repair techniques for outdoor gardens

by HRoberts (writer), London, September 09, 2015

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A beautiful lawn

According to the garden maintenance checklist for your region, you can start with a good planning of the layout for the new lawn at least a month in advance.

Or else, make the old lawn to look like new just by following the repair and restoration techniques in this guide.

- Clean the entire garden and especially the lawn, in order to prepare it for a renovation. This may include some patio cleaning with hygiene and foaming agents for wooden floors, as well as hosing with fresh water and with a stronger jet. Rinse the objects that are in a close proximity to the lawn and remove all the mobile objects on the lawn itself, such as garden chairs, tables, kid`s pools, etc.

- A thorough and a regular lawn mowing is essential for the growth of a healthy garden. According the experts from: London Gardening Services Ltd It`s one of the best and most secure methods to deal with the rapid growth, which usually occurs only in some specific areas that see the perfect combination of sunlight and shadow. After a quick garden waste removal, you will get a clean and fragrant lawn, ready for restoration.

- There are plenty of methods for garden and lawn maintenance, and perhaps the most important advice is to get yourself only good new seeds. Planting good seeds will ensure a greater chance to achieve a more visually pleasing look of the entire garden, as well as reduce the need for a frequent lawn care and maintenance activities.

- Go through a couple of days of an observation analysis to spot which areas are exposed to the direct sunlight longer and which areas are not. Take into account the change of the sun location throughout the year too. This will help you to determine which areas in your garden need a little bit more time for trimming and hedging, and which areas require just normal cares.

- Plant the new seeds according to the manufacturer`s label, and take a pick of the best moment for planting. It is usually early in the morning or in a late afternoon when the sunshine is not so powerful and the temperature is therefore lower. One it is easier for planting and two, the moisture will stay in the soil instead of evaporating quickly if there is a powerful direct sunlight that beats right down the lawn.

- Inspect all the items from the irrigating system for malfunctioning, leakages and unwanted effects. Some small repairs might be needed, but is should be much easier to do it in this earlier step, than when a proper irrigation is needed after of a hot summer day. From the hoses and the pump to the correct motion of the nozzles and the correct direction of the jets - the watering system is very important for a healthy and beautiful lawn.

- Make your own gardening chart for maintenance of the lawn. Note the weeks when you have to inspect the lawn for unwanted rapid growths, dry areas, etc. Note when you have to harden the old soil and when to add another layer of new soil, etc. These yet small checks and tasks are the key tasks for keeping a beautiful lawn in your outdoor garden, as well as always remember you to check out the weather forecast in advance and not in the last moment.

- Ensure proper lightning of all the areas of the lawn, even for the areas that are shaded almost throughout the day. Use these areas for something different instead just as an empty green lawn, or change the inner fence with a glass fence to ensure a proper light for the lawn.

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