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Beautifying Agra to save the Taj Mahal

Credit: Rasmi Pandey
The Taj Mahal

North India Excursions’ Agra tour has every provision to get burst into fun and true delight of witnessing pristine beauty of heritage monuments, especially theTaj.

What image flashes to your mind when one cites 'ivory architecture of marble'? Undoubtedly, its iconic Taj Mahal in Agra which is still echoing the magnificence of artisans & craftsmen during the dynasty of fifth Mughal Emperor 'Shah Jahan'. However, their hands were axed for making sure that such an incredible marble-structure could never be restructured. Whatsoever happened, that became annals but the buzzing about its eye-catching beauty got its resting-place in the WONDERS OF THE WORLD.

Historical & fascinating tourist places in Agra are many. Thus, their conservation is prime concern.

Taj's Beauty via Poet's Eyes

Apart from Moti Masjid & Jama Masjid, this elegant masterpiece sends mute invitations to those who turn their eyeballs at it in admiration. Bewitched you would be while catching its slight glimpse. through Agra tour packages the visitors have to take ticket and thereafter, go through security arrangements. But have you ever compared it to the cloud? Many poets have done so. Its moorings are not clearly visible from distant place. This scene manifests as if ivory beauty is dancing on the surface of water and also, the cloud is blowing in the direction of air.

Taj-Vulnerable to Climatic Changes

It's true that faded beauty loses its radiance. The worsening climatic change is posing as a sword hanging over its beauty. The carbonates and chemicals present in the air have been trying hard to steal its ivory-beauty. Faded colour speaks out, apparently, how open it is to air pollution. Even, Agra Fort & Fatehpur Sikri are losing their lustre.

Mouth full of words is not enough to keep this photographer's paradise restored. It cries for the genuine efforts to be put.

Taj Trapezium Zone (TTZ)-its Protection Zone

Not only government but also the people must contribute hundred percent of their efforts for conserving the beauty of this monument. For taking care of this wonder, the initial & milestone step is taken up by the government. It has declared Taj Trapezium Zone (TTZ) which covers trapezium-shaped area. The Taj, Fatehpur Sikri, Agra Fort are grouped under it. It is declared for giving support to the Environment Protection Act 1986 in India. This law was formed to restrict the adverse effects of pollutants over the world heritage sites.

Voluntary "Campaign Clean India" to Save the Taj

Saving one of the prettiest north India excursions sites, the horn is blown to trigger 'Campaign Clean India' for keeping the city Agra neat & tidy. No resources and funds have been sanctioned but still the Ministry of Tourism has started getting pure effort of sensitizing Indians to grow more conscious for protecting this heritage monument. Private and public stakeholders have to hold the bridle for sanitizing the region as being members of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Archaeological survey of India, Oil & Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) & Ministry of Tourism have jointly inked deal for conserving the Taj Mahal in Agra.

National Green Tribunal (NGT) Act Bans Cutting Trees

The National Green Tribunal (NGT) Act has banned deforestation around the Taj Mahal. Execution of this act is an effort to strengthen 'Save Taj' campaign. This act bans the evil practice of unauthorized construction which is the major barrier in streamlining the area near the Taj. The area of 10,400 meter square will be TTZ zone in Agra region which will prove stronger step in conserving India’s precious heritage sites.

Taj Mahal Has its Twitter Handle Now!

Providing handle to zillions of fans and followers of the Taj, this pristine beauty makes debut to its Twitter account. Now, making its way via tweets on Twitter, myriads of Twitterians have kick-started tweeting about it. It is the very first time when any Indian heritage site has opened its account on Twitter. Now, micro-blogging for this monument will be enhanced. It was started on the cheerful eve of 69th Independence Day of India. While tweeting under #mytajmemory, it has started paddling to the top of Twitter trend.

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