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A Musical and Artist Explosion at Fais Do Do

by Kim (writer), Los Angeles, October 01, 2007

The music could be heard from ust a few blocks away. Music that drew one in to experience the joy.
Tucked away on a block in Los Angeles on Adams near Fairfax sits Fais Do Do.

The club displayed soft lights but a roar of guitars, horns, electric bass, and drums emerged from the stage as one entered the room. The high ceilings and decor that reminded you of the decade when Rock, Rhythm & Blues, and jazz still prevailed. Battle of the bands is not the description I would give to the stage celebration at hand, instead A Rock Explosion that surpassed race, sex, age, and creed as musicians from geographical places across Los Angeles County joined to commerate and celebration on a Saturday night.

There was anawesome array of 1960's Rock favorites to 1970's Old School blended superbly with down home Blues
hints of Jazz, Funk, prose performed to awake your social conscious while making you light hearted with joy and laughter.

It was amazing to experience the depth, contrast, creativity and oneness the room shared as various groups and indivuiduals expressed their art.

Soul with innovative thought filled the musical air.
Everyone had something to share as we celebrated our common goal--experiencing music well known and some tunes
being unveiled on stage before our ears that night.
Stories before untold gave birth on a sultry fall Saturday night at Fais Do Do

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