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Tips On How To Be A Good Bridesmaid

by GraceDaniels (writer), , September 05, 2015

Being a bridesmaid is a privilege because someone has shown in you the confidence and love to be the most important part of her new journey

Being a bridesmaid is a privilege because someone has shown in you the confidence and love to be the most important part of her new journey (marriage), not to forget the pretty bridesmaid dress u get to wear. Being a bridesmaid is a heavenly feeling coupled with great responsibility where the bride’s happiness vests in your actions.

Being a good bridesmaid can be subject to many things –a beautiful black bridesmaid dress or those endless shopping sessions, speeches and last minute arrangements are all part of the process of being a good memory for your best friend and others too.

Let’s take a peek into various things which can make you the apple of everyone’s eye and a truly blissful bridesmaid:


Now this is one of the most sought after quality in a bridesmaid and is of great importance to the bride, who would surely be anxious about her d- day. Give her a lot of your time and while you are with her, listen to her worries and anxieties and identify what all are she wants, as part of her wedding arrangement.

You can do your part by being involved in her dream for her wedding and give your opinions when you think is really necessary since it is a lifetime moment for her, so let her do things her way.


Now this one sounds like fun!!! Spend some quality time with the bride and do some crazy fun, revamping fond memories. This will have dual benefits, first it shall foster you bond with your friend for a lifetime and secondly relieve her from the pre- wedding anxiety.

Those make up tricks; beautiful flowing bride, bridesmaid dresses and gossips will be memories for life and shall surely be a big step towards being a great bridesmaid.


Now this gets tricky, because here you might have to do away with your choice and that is not always easy (when the choice is not in coherence with your choice of the bridesmaid dresses).

But remember it is her day and she has all the right in the world to choose your dress. If you don’t like it console yourself by remembering you have to wear it just for a day and consider yourself lucky if you get to wear that beautiful black bridesmaid dress you had in your mind.

Respect her choice and you shall live up to your dream to be a worthy bridesmaid.


As far as this practice is concerned, the bride and groom participate in it equally but chances are that the groom might not be available in that case you being the bridesmaid can offer to give the bride company. It is important here, that you keep your choices to yourself and give the bride full space in identifying and choosing what she likes.

Give consideration to her likes, after all she will be using those things. Don’t let your disapproval show on her choices- through your disinterest or demur. Being bossy or too persuasive can lead to bride’s discomfort.


Being her best friend, you would know what puts her off and what can get the spark going, try avoiding situations which can possibly stress her out. Be empathetic and patient while dealing with sensitive issues.

It helps most when someone can feel what you are feeling rather than being judgmental. So be that perfect bridesmaid by reassuring the bride and making her feel positive about everything around her.


A wedding is a big affair and quite often we don’t know how to help, so the best way is to ask the bride as to how she needs your support. Show your willingness to help her with her tasks and give her your time; this will relive her a little as she can count on you and help you become that perfect bridesmaid.


To be an awesome bridesmaid it is important to keep your tongue in place. If you can’t think of good things to say about something better be quiet as a harsh reaction can trigger an emotional turmoil. So watch what you say and don’t voice your opinion strongly (be polite).

Follow these simple guidelines and you will be that perfect bridesmaid every bride dreams of cutting a pretty and happy picture in your black bridesmaid dress.

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