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by Insidewebsolutions (writer), , September 04, 2015

To put it in another word, tipping.Leaving behind a little extra something money wise to say thanks for the good service.

To put it in another word, tipping.Leaving behind a little extra something money wise to say thanks for the good service.

Do you tip?If so how much do you tip?

Do you just round up to the next full equal figure, or do you leave a percentage of what the bill was for a tip?

Who do you tip?Do you tip at a restaurant, do you tip your post carrier?What about housekeeping at a hotel, do you tip the maid?

Who you tip, and how much you tip, and if you even tip at all really comes down to a few factors, and the biggest of those factors is where you live, and what the culture you live in says about tipping.

That is one good reason if you are travelling to another country to research the tipping or gratuity customs there.

In some cultures it is insulting to leave a tip.In other cultures, such as the United States, tipping is almost mandatory.Servers and some other employees in the hospitality industry, are paid less than the country's minimum wage as they are expected to earn tips.Being paid less than the minimum wage is thought to be an incentive for the server to provide the best service possible.They give you good service, you give them a good tip.

Tipping in the United States can add up as to what your final bill may be.Some restaurants feel a 20% tip of what the final bill is, to be a good tip.Some patrons prefer to tip in the 10%-15% region.

In some countries and restaurants, a service charge is automatically added to the bill, which is in essence a tip.You need to be aware of this so you don't over tip.

In some of the European countries and in the UK, a rounding up of the bill is a form of tipping.In some of these countries the servers or those working are earning a wage, it may be the national minimum wage or possibly higher.If a bill or check comes to 12.55, you may just pay 13.00, rounding up.

Also, it can depend on the culture as to who you do give a tip or gratuity to. In some countries you may only tip in restaurants.In other countries they tip in restaurants and also they may tip maids in hotels.In some parts of the United States they even give tips at Christmas time to their post or mail carriers.

As you can see, tipping can vary according to if you tip or not, and also to how much and to whom.

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