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Mastering the Art of Perfect Gift Giving

by DianaSmith (writer), Melbourne, VIC, August 28, 2015


Best tips on how to choose the right gift for the right person

Some experts in psychology from Stanford and Harvard concluded that people enjoy gifts they asked for more than the surprises (, December, 2013). If giving gifts were a science, this would be a nice guideline. Yet, there is so much more than that involved. You have to take into account the person you are giving the gift to and your relationship. There are several basic types of gifts and each of them is usable if you want to make the person happy. Here are some of them.

Highly Personalized Gifts

Don’t buy these gifts to people you are not close to. This is reserved for your partner, family and the closest circle of friends. To pick the perfect gift like this, you need to listen very carefully. You need to screen every conversation for the little clues about the thing that person loves. The gift of this type is a replica of the exact teddy bear your sister adored when she was a kid. Also, a framed cinema ticket of the first movie you two saw together would work well. Even if you have an idea like this for somebody you are not close to, leave it to their close friends and family to make that gift. It may be misinterpreted otherwise.

Mastering the Art of Perfect Gift Giving by

Gifts with a Theme

This is a great and fun gift for a person that you work with or some of your acquaintances. The topic itself can render this type of gift personal, as well. Basically, you take a big box and a bag and put in all sorts of stuff related to that theme. If you pick Roaring 20s, for example, take a box, wrap it in vintage newspapers. Put in a bottle of whiskey, plastic gun, a jazz record, headband with a feather, lace gloves and some pearls. For more personalized version, use a personal event as your theme. Something like your best holiday together. Write “Remember Rome?” on the box and put inside everything that you loved about your vacation to Rome.

Collectibles and Hobbies

This type of gift can be a real hit or a complete failure. The safest way to pull this off is to be a collector yourself. That is the only sure way to know the real value of the pieces you are using as a gift. Also, this is the best way to make sure that your friend doesn’t already have that in their collection. As for the hobbies, there is always that extra piece of tool or gear for them.

Mastering the Art of Perfect Gift Giving by

Deeds, not Stuff

Making a lovely diner for your partner and preparing an awesome aromatic bath for them is one way of giving a perfect gift. Organizing a full day of fun activities that the person loves is also a great gift. Gifts don’t have to be stuff that exchanges hands. It can also be about activities and things you do for the person in question.

Money and Voucher Gifts

While this type of gift giving is not reserved for the closest of the closest, it can be made that way. It is a nice way to wish a happy birthday to a coworker or a neighbor. You just need to figure out one thing about them that they like. Framed pet photos on their office desk may be a good hint, and check out the gift card store to give them a proper voucher. In that way, you are being attentive to their interests and you are not being too specific. As for your close friends and partners you can take a jar, put a “vacation money” label on it and put some money in it. It makes a classy way to give money as a gift to somebody who is close to you.

Giving gifts is all about building relationships. Considering the level of closeness and the person in question are two vital factors for buying a gift. So, think it trough and use some of these ideas to help you pick the best gift ever.

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