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How Magento guide can help you with plugin development?

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Magento Ecommerce

Magento organization is one of the older business enterprises, who work hard for their clients and always try to give satisfactory experiences.

For the past successful years for Magento, this is clear that it has made significant improvements to guide their users.

Last spring was very special for Magento clients and for the Magento team, because of their hearty efforts they have begun with the reorganization of the content. Magento enterprise edition and Magento community edition, both are available online for the first time on their website.

It gives satisfactory results to the users for Magento plugin development. Easy format and accessibility is the special feature of this combo and thus clients do not have to face any type of problem.

If you prefer offline feature, then same information is available in the form of PDF also. This feature is good to guide users, so that clients can easily use this format without facing any problem.

Display modes by Magento plugin development

Three different displaying modes are responsive for outcomes by online guidance. If you resize the window, format must be adjusted on the window of the device, because of adjusted dimensions of a desktop, tablet, notebook, and smart or Android phone.

On a desktop or a system, that clients are using for the shopping or checking out the new products, and navigation display is provided on the left hand side of the tabs. Index, contents and glossary are some of the helping positions.

Generally, if we observe on a notebook or on an Android device, the navigation is hidden from displaying window. If users want to display navigation in the form of slides, then you can click on the slide out button present on the header position. This will display navigation in required position as clients want to look for.


If we want to create a list of topics, then by using search box this is possible to create required term. Search box present on the header position, if once it matches to search option then, topics appeared there to use. Developers or users can modify them according to their needs.

Every aspect of the term is highlighted. Color chart is used to display, so multiple words may appear in various colors. Use the search box in the header to generate a list of topics with text that matches your search term. In the matching topics, every instance of the term is highlighted.

For multiple words, each word appears in a different color. Restoration is done in the normal display and by simple single click helps to remove highlight button in the site header. This entire color trend is responsible for the Magento plugin development. Drop down option is also included by Magento to help users.


The screenshot can also be clicked to zoom in for closer view. By clicking it again we can return to the original size.


Quick overview is presentable by slideshows that make it easy for users, this new feature is added for the colleagues, developers and partners.

Guidance feature

This is very tiring to find something through a thousand-page PDF. Convenience to find the content makes the clients happier with services of online sites. Mini guide is best for such type of convenience and it is launched with Magento plugin development firm.

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By carlwise17 on September 07, 2015 at 04:38 am

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By James Warner on September 08, 2015 at 01:17 am

Thank you @carlwise17

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