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At Home, She Feels Like A Tourist

by thermos62000 (writer), Los Angeles, September 28, 2007

Like the Gang of Four song, I'm filling my head with culture--and everything else that L.A. has to offer.

I've lived in Los Angeles for exactly six months, and it still seems like I'm still in "discovery mode." It's such a big city (more like several small cities in one) to explore. But I feel like it's ideal for me because I have so many interests, there's always something--whether it's a place or thing-- that appeals to whatever mood I'm in.

Here's what I've discovered about L.A. in the past six months:

I like living in West Hollywood. It's centrally-located. It's diverse. Nobody gives a shit.

Venice is cool because it's down-to-earth. Folks let their freak flags fly.

I've only been to Silverlake once, but I liked Hyperion Tavern immediately. Hey, anyplace that plays T. Rex and serves PBR on tap is alright in my book.

About specific places:
You want MAJOR sensory overload? Go to C.I.A. in North Hollywood. It's like a funhouse on crack. Bizarre mirrors, shrunken heads, random knick-knacks, '70s concert footage on a big-screen in the courtyard and bands that'll make you cream in your panties. Do yourself a favor: Go over the hill and check it out.

Book Soup is a little slice of heaven. At any given time, you could walk in amidst the reading of an amazing work. I could spend HOURS there. Oh, wait...I think I have. 'Nuff said.

Fiesta Cantina on Santa Monica: Apparently, no one here owns a shirt. I could identify guys' nips in a line-up. Their music playlist includes Madonna and G 'n' R. And after a couple of Cadillac Margaritas, you won't care that you're the only straight girl amongst a plethora of uber-hot gay men.

The Belmont: Yeah, it can be scene-y at times. But the deejay spins Journey, The Charlie Daniels Band and LL Cool J--all in the same night. Plus, it's a cute guy mecca. Unfortunately, they're not so hip on girlies who are over 5'9".

Amoeba Music: Yes, this place is universally-known. Yes, I've seen Eagles of Death Metal perform here for FREE. Yes, you're insanely jealous. Yes, it rocks.

El Cholo/El Compadre--These are my two absolute fave Mexican joints. Both are authentic--all the way. How do you say "I love you so much, I want to hump your leg" in Spanish?

Runyon Canyon--It's like being in heaven--only there are lots of dogs. Oddly, a lot of them are Golden Retrievers. And you'll know you've thoroughly pissed off God when you step in dog shit.

S.L.O.W.--There are lot of shops on Melrose. This one is my favorite. Why? Because, in my opinion, it offers the most unique styles.

Bar Lubitsch--vodka, vodka, and more vodka. If you don't like vodka, maybe you should stay at home and drink something tamer. Like Metamucil.

Wacko--The name says it all. Just go.

These are just a few of the places I've discovered in my short time in L.A. I have several more that I plan to check out.

In due time...

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