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3 Common Web Design Myths: Busted!

3 Common Web Design Myths: Busted!

In today’s day and age there is huge amount of knowledge and data shared on daily basis, and we pass it on without thinking of its authenticity or credibility.

Especially the content we come across on the internet, we swear we read it and it is true.

Since the internet is a cesspool of knowledge, we tend to believe each and everything which could possibly make logical sense in our heads. If we notice more people following or believing a certain fact, we too give in and start believing based on the evidence we can gather online.

And soon enough, we all follow it and implement it in our lives. The one who starts it becomes the ‘trendsetter’, and over the years various versions of the original facts are retold, held up for speculation until someone offer the same logical hook which caught you, and thus a myth is born.

Coming from cutting-edge web designing company India, we try to debunk some of the most common myths in web designing.

Myth#1: Looks are the most important aspect of design

There are many websites out there which have absolutely gorgeous homepages, especially the small businesses, but it so happens that apart from the homepage the website doesn’t really have anything noteworthy.

The worst part is when the pages where you expect content are all labeled with ‘content coming soon’ message. While a visually striking website is necessary, it cannot be of much help if the content is missing. What is a user supposed to do if there is no content they came looking for? For how long are they supposed to admire the design?

Somehow down the line it has become expected in some circles that web design is all about just graphics.

Of course the graphics are important but they do not for the whole web design division.

Myth#2: Homepage Matters the Most

This is one stubborn myth which just doesn’t die out. Usually when you visit a website, unless you enter the address manually in the address bar, chances are you will access it from a landing page. Some might even say that the user might not even see the homepage till the end.

Putting all your effort in the homepage is unnecessary and not recommended, if not a waste of time. It is better to maintain the same elements throughout the website.

It is not to mean that the homepage doesn’t matter; it does. There are instances where the visitor will go to the homepage, especially those who are returning to the website after their 1st visit, it is just that do not just design the homepage richly while ignoring all the other pages.

Myth#3: White Space is Wasted Space

According to recent trends in web designing, the elevated use of minimalistic elements is seen a lot. This has given rise to maintaining the white space on the web page. Many Web design services India and all over the globe have understood the importance and the subtle value of the white space. Empty space doesn’t necessarily mean that it should be filled with content, but rather embraced and valued as it provides a crisp and clean UI.

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