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Unique beers around the world

by Dan Radak (writer), , August 26, 2015

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Everyone loves to have a pint after a long day of work, though, some prefer regular beers over unique and creative tastes.

However, being able to drink something interesting now and then is worth the wait for a bottle of beer. Keep in mind that as there are many different cultures, they will produce various tastes combined with beer. Remember to always check the label, so that you do not drink something that might hurt you in the end.

Like drinking poison

The British Snake Venom beer is famous for being the world’s strongest one there is. Appropriately named, as it will bite back, and you will feel intoxicated immediately. You should be careful how you drink, as it is not a regular kind, you will have to take it in small sips, and savor it. Otherwise, you might be having to catch a cab going home, presumably if you can stand up after a bottle. On the other hand, it is a tasty beer, with a bit of a punch as an after taste. Though, keep in mind that it is not cheap, and you should be ready for such an experience.

A taste for all

Believe it or not, beer brewers are adding some of the craziest of ingredients to get really interesting tastes as a result. Although some might seem unorthodox, and even out of place, you will be surprised how good they taste. To have a chance to taste them though, you will have to look for bottle shops open late, so that you can go and pick one up. Do not expect an extravaganza of tastes, and be ready that you might even drink something that you do not like. In either case, give it a go, try something new and unique, so that you can appreciate beer even more.

Beer from the stars

A Japanese brand is making beer from barley that was in actual space. Moreover, some even go as far as adding meteorite sprinkles into their brew. However, these brands are not sold outside the country, nor are they available online to order. But, if you want to enjoy a unique out-of-this-world taste, you will have do it quickly, because once the batch is gone, there is little chance more will be made. Nevertheless, the search is one, and it might just happen that more will be made soon.

Weird beers

Brewers are making new and exciting batches so that they can try to attract new and more engaged customers. Though, you will have to have an acquired taste, as some might be too much. On the other hand, beer lovers should rejoice, as the new tastes are only going to ensure that quality is going to get better. Moreover, their good old tastes are going to become ever so popular, because many will want to go back to regular drinking. Nevertheless, it is best to try these beers out yourself, and judge only after a bottle.

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