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HiddenTalent And/Or Suppressed Talent

by rockshow63 (writer), Sarnia,ON,Canada, September 28, 2007


Talent to me is not just in my hands. When I did pencil sketching a lot of times I thought it wasn't that good,but that was just me...sometimes. But I chose to give it up and try parenting. What I didn't KNOW was that I didn't quit art ,I past it on in my genes. My kids have some of the same abilities as I do. I have dug up some of my old sketches and posted them on and on my Facebook page.I feel I had some potential, but to tell you the truth I have that same feeling now about my singing,even more so.

When I learned chess I thought it was fun but kinda boring. That was until I began to focus on how to play.Now I am and will always be a formidable opponent for anyone. I think Bobby Fisher might even find a game in me.

When I learned to detail cars , ask anyone, I was very good (not the best by any means) but very good. I earned the nickname "Frank'n'shine" . Another talent I could have pursued to my full potential.

And dance I tell ya .When I was like 16 going on 17 ,a neighbor girl bought this record think it was Saturday Night Fever or something like that. But it had these dance steps in it. We didn't ever click on the slow dancing stuff but she was a very cool dance partner/learner/teacher.Not meaning to dwell on this but when I first met this one girl she refused to dance with me . After about 3 nights out I had gotten tired of her dancing with her best friend,a girl thing back then,that I said to her"One dance...if U don't wanna dance with me again,I'll never ask U again ..." Within a week or so we were being announced by the DJ upon entering the club as..."The dancers". I ended up marrying this girl.

So how did I discover this singing talent within myself? I don't know how many of you have been married , but it's a multi talented living,and when it ended for me after 9.5 years I was lost in what to do with myself. Don't get me wrong, singing doesn't replace being a husband/father, not by any means, but it helped me find this "hidden" talent that I'm trying to share with the world.

I started going out to the local karoake clubs. At first I only sang the 2 songs I knew. Well it wasn't long before I tested the waters of singing the songs I like and the rest is an ongoing dream. I'm not going to give up. I'm gonna try to keep singing all the music you want to hear, BUT I REFUSE TO BE A CLOWN !!! Not that I have anything against clowns...but that's not what I'm doing or about. But this taught me how someone can kill a clown, to just take away his/her makeup! Why the hell would anyone want to do that?

There are some talented people out there at karoake, most of which wish they/we were singing with a band but as Ice T said in Body Count"Shit ain't like that!!!"

All I'm trying to say is, don't let anyone crush, maim,bruise,insult,assault,be-little or just plain bully you, it's not fair but such is life.They did it to me and I just kept picking myself up, dusting myself off and continue to see if I can reach its' (my full vocal range) full potential. So keep an eye out for something you seem to pick up quite easily and see where you can take it

Another sub-topic; support,where do we get it from and what the hell do we do with it when we get it. I mean there are such a wide variety of tastes for talent. For example you have a talent for you listen to the people that say "your character sketches will make you a good living..."and focus on that or listen to the ones that say"your scenery sketches are gonna make you a good living..."?The decision will affect your destiny, that I believe I can relate to. But never ever believe those who will say..."it's too late,you're too're not that good..." Negativity! Criticism is fine to a degree, but draw a line,separate personnel opinion from fact. The main thing and I believe "the key" is to remain focused on the positive support. When it feels right, you've done the research,tested the water,applied yourself fully, then you need to find a way to get it/you out here. Support from friends is a great start. Hopefully you've impressed a couple of them to the point whereas they can help with cheap marketing .I put those vids up and went to some web pages got my name out,called the radio station. They(DJs) know me now, well my name anyway,wait till you hear how they treated me : ( .

So what other talents might I have? Since I can't just go out like everyone else, I took up writing. I can draw on past, present and possible future experiences. It's not something I want to be doing at this time in my life, but no one can take it away from me.

On one final note is that school is important. As we know some of us have remarkable talent for that.But for some of us we needed more support to bring these talents to the forefront. It wasn't the teachings I think or the teachers themselves, but the learning that we did from watching all the others. Not knowing or not believing that we could achieve that which they found in themselves and properly bring it out of ourselves. So support and encourage your children,your family,your friends and even that person you see working on their "hobby".And maybe we will see them bring to surface a talent and not to let it be "hidden or suppressed" any longer.

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