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Trade Shows from North India for this Year’s Wedding Season

by Swapnil Jukunte (writer), Mumbai, August 26, 2015

Credit: UBM India
Jewellery & Gem fair

The monsoons have been slowly abating this month, and within the next few months.

Indian Weddings

The monsoons have been slowly abating this month, and within the next few months, along with the onset of winter,we will be witnessing the arrival of the wedding season that will last upto February next year. The months between October and February witness a great many Indian weddings largely because of the good winter climate in the country at that point of time. The various regions of our country do not suffer from extreme heat, neither are they plagued by torrential showers at this time of the year. The winter months in India are ideal for traveling, picnics and weddings. Along with weddings comes the demand for wedding finery in all its forms as Indian weddings tend toward the lavish and ornate.

Some trending jewellery items you may find at this year’s trade shows

  1. Fine finished jewellery – The craftsmanship involved in creating items of jewellery is a fine art and has been passed down through generations. Traditional designs for items of jewellery are fine and intricate and thus, involve carefully trained eyes and hands in their make. The gold and silver pieces are not only worked on very minutely, they have to be polished, and the metal has to be of a high quality.
  2. Gemstones – Gemstones are used in jewellery items not only because they look beautiful. In India, gemstones are believed to have healing properties based on astrology. The belief in astrology in our country necessitates the use of gemstones at ceremonies of all kinds. The mystical properties of gems can aid someone in their future ventures in life.
  3. Pearls – Pearls come from the ocean and are white, delicate and light. Pearls are used in numerous kinds of wedding jewellery sets as they have mystical associations with the moon. The moon is believed to bring good fortune and luck in Indian astrology. Pearls come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are used in combination with other beads and gemstones.
  4. Diamonds – Diamonds are expensive and are the most sought after gem stone. Diamond jewellery is extremely popular at Indian weddings nowadays. As many Indians have migrated to the West and earn considerably more than fellow Indians in our own country, NRIs have the capacity to buy diamonds and are likely to purchase more expensive designs.
  5. Silver jewellery – A set of silver is supposed to go along with the bridal accessories. Besides this, silver is used in the making of numerous decorative objects that are gifted to a bride and groom at the time of a wedding.

Trade Shows as a Market for NRIs

It is a well-known fact that NRIs come to India to complete their marriage buying. The wedding ceremony is often conducted on Indian soil as well in many of these cases. NRIs are not always familiar with the gold market in our country and do not have the time to frequent shops. A trade fair is ideal for them as all the necessary items are available in one location.

The 4thUBM Jewellery and Gem Fair will be held between the 26th and 28th of September at Delhi’s Pragati Maidan.

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