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How to Add Special Effects to Videos with the Movavi Video

by Insidewebsolutions (writer), , August 23, 2015

Thinking about spicing up your videos with special effects?

Thinking about spicing up your videos with special effects? If so you certainly have the right tool to do so and you’ll find that the Movavi Video Editor will give you access to over 50 different special effects and filters that can transform your videos into something truly special.

The best part is that just like everything else about the Movavi Video Editor, adding special effects is actually incredibly simple. All you need to do is:

  1. Add the videos you want by clicking on ‘Add Media Files’ and selecting them.
  2. Open the ‘Effects’ panel and select the special effects that you want to apply.
  3. Click ‘Apply’ or drag and drop the special effect onto the clip that you want to apply it to.

That’s it. Easy, right? If you want to take it a step further you could adjust the settings of the special effects by clicking on ‘Show Settings’ when you select it and tweaking the parameters that appear. Also, if you’re not sure what a certain effect will look like just hit ‘Play’ on the effect when you select it and it will preview the effect for you.

Effects vs. Special Effects

It is worth noting that the above explanation actually applies to both ‘effects’ and ‘special effects’. The difference between the two in the Movavi Video Editor is subtle, but suffice to say that ‘special effects’ are a type of effect under the ‘Effects’ panel. Other effects that come under that panel but aren’t ‘special effects’ include transformations such as crop, rotate, flip, split screen and picture in picture, as well as quality enhancements such as color correction, sharpen, adjust brightness and contrast, and auto-filter.

Although technically speaking these effects are more mundane, they can be utilized to create some pretty stunning results. For example you could alter the color balance to give your video a blue tinge for a dream sequence, or turn it into a black-and-white film, and so on.

By experimenting with both effects and special effects, you’ll find that you’re really able to achieve some amazing looks. With the Movavi Video Editor as your video effects software, there really is no limit to what you can do save for the limits of your own imagination – so let it loose, and see what you’re able to come up with.

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