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Create a Global Presence with Your Blog Content

by Hicks Crawford (writer), , August 21, 2015

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Use the information to get started with bringing your blog to a global audience. Just make sure that you keep up with everything so that you are able to maintain your standing.

You know how to make a blog, but now you need to get this blog out there to the masses. You need to increase your readership and get your blog in front of millions of people because this is how you increase your revenue. You need to learn how to establish a global presence and this is something that is possible for all blogs once you understand the tactics. Remember that this means doing more than just establishing a good blog because readers need more than good blog posts to stay interested.

Join Social Media

Every successful blog has a social media presence these days. You want to have at least a Facebook and a Twitter page that followers of your blog can join for more information and interaction. On these pages, you should create posts that encourage people to share and engage with you. Social media is the easiest way to create a global presence because it allows you to interact with people all over the world. Jump in and communicate with the followers of your pages and make sure that you post things that are interesting and engaging.

Join Blogging Networks

Blogging networks allow you to network with bloggers from all over the world. There are plenty of general networks, as well as networks that cater to specific topics and interests. You should look into joining about three networks to start because you will need to reciprocate views and advice in order to get it for your own blog. Many of these groups will post links to your blog in their content and then you will do the same for them to promote readership.

Create a Subscription Service

You want people to have the option to subscribe to your blog so that they never miss new posts and updates. You should put a subscription link on your blog where all visitors will see it. Many successful bloggers put this at the end of all of their posts so that after reading a post, the reader will see it and be able to subscribe if they like what they read. Once they subscribe, they will get notices whenever you post something new and they can click on the link to read and share your post.

Make sure that your subscription emails are easy to navigate and something that puts the reader first. A personal message to each subscriber is easy to set up and it will make your readers see that you do care about their loyalty to your blog.

As you can see, you need to go outside of the blogging realm to take your blog to the next level. You need to be active on social media and use other means to promote your blog to a global audience.

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