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5 Simple Ways to Spruce up Font for Your Website

by Caroline Murphy (writer), , August 20, 2015

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Simple Ways to Spruce up Font for Your Website

Internet is large, and it is made up of text entirely. Some we see everywhere and the rest hidden behind your webpage, deep in code.

The one we see is the one we love the most, at least most of the web designers.

But there is a sea of typefaces out there and each of them is certainly not suitable for a website; one needs to pick the right typeface to subtly engage the reader.

To have an effective font for your website, you need to understand the essential importance of good typography. It should have a clean, clear and authoritative requirement, which not every font will be qualified for. Even after choosing the font, following the rules of typography is vital.

Below we shed some light on the regulatory needs of a good font, from a prominent Web Designing Company in India.

Start With the Basics

When it comes to choosing the correct typography for the website it can tricky. But just like any other project, it gets simpler once you know what we need.

Serif vs. san serif:

Usually there are a lot of other variants, but when it comes to web fonts, the hot favorites are Serif and San Serif. Practically all the web projects are based on either of them, while san serif has been slightly more favored and dominant.


The main use of the font is to offer the best readability. There are various methods like selecting the number of words per line depending on the screen size, kerning and leading which affect the way we read text. Minute difference can hamper the reading ability for the user.


Also, it is a custom to stick with 2-3 fonts per project. While the use of 3 fonts is recommended only if there is a strong reasoning to it, anything more than that is a strict nope, similar for the use of hyphens in your text. It looks messy and does nothing to compliment the text.

Use Professional Service

Although Google Fonts is the favorite amongst all for their font needs, there are other premium services which offer sophisticated professional grade font which are bang for your buck. Some of the services are listed below:

Adobe Toolkit:

Adobe toolkit is used by the honchos and the big shots of the industry. Its unparalleled customer care service is often brought up whenever toolkit is mentioned.

This is yet another website which caters with its expansive font library, although it is primarily listened to use for web only and not for print also.

If you don’t want to personally handle the licensing and the font trouble, you could contact a company dealing in web design services, as they usually have their font ready with them. But if you purchase a font, it gives you extensive options without limiting you to one font style.

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