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5 Important Tips for a SEO Friendly Web Design

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A website is designed with the motto of delivering the information you want to spread, but the website should also be discoverable in the first place.

A well designed website in today’s time is gauged by the visual appeal and the search engine friendliness coupled with ultra-easy user experience. To achieve these objectives, SEO plays a major and a vital role.

Every Web Designing Company India or global gives heavy importance to the SEO campaign as it is one foolproof method to reach a wide audience and keep a track of visitors.

Here are 5 friendly tips you can use to make an impact with SEO.

  1. Headlines are more important than another element for the search results. To fully reap the benefits, make sure you put a keyword in your header. Header tags (H1) are quite large, it is advisable to make it smaller.
  2. Avoid flash as much as possible. Flash, a vital tool for web designing in the past, is notoriously infamous for slow page loading times and driving people away from your website at present. If you have a dire requirement to incorporate flash, use it in bits and pieces, like as a flash header, and leave most of your website for the keyword-rich content. Alternatively, use CSS and JavaScript to reduce the overall size of the website and integrate faster loading time, it will also help the spiders to crawl your website quicker, thus ranking you higher.
  3. Without a fickle of doubt, content is the most important part for the SEO. The aim of your content should be concise and engaging yet informative for the visitors, of course, this goes without saying that the content should also consist of relevant keywords and phrases at appropriate parts. If you are not convinced you could write a unique copy for your website, you can always opt to hire a copywriter, for a unique copy for your website, you can always opt to hire a copywriter, for an affordable fee. Similarly, you can also hire a one of the many agencies which offer SEO services India and around.
  4. One groundbreaking advantage for SEO is the rise of social media. The amount of customer engagement will definitely help you get backlinks apart from the traffic you get from the network of sharing. This will also propel up the search results page. In social media portals, Google+ is one of the best ones, if you want to interact with Google. If you run a blog, link the Metadata to the Google+ account. This could make you recent posts appear on search engines. Sites like twitter and Facebook are great for when you want to interact with your customers.
  5. Another method to get higher up the page rank is through an intricate network of backlinks. Hosting a blog can tremendously helpful with the organic backlinks, and blogs can also be used to host guest bloggers and add credibility to your website. Paying for backlinks is not only frowned upon, but can also get you a ban from Google if the links are of malicious nature.

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