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The Most Productive Woodworking Machine

by Jirakee jones (writer), , August 17, 2015

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A thickness planer is a machine that has a significant use in woodworking. The machine trims boards making sure that they achieve a regular thickness all through the boards’ lengths. Also, through the trimming, the boards are flattened on both surfaces. This machine has three main parts. There is a cutter head that holds the cutting knives for the trimming purposes. Set rollers are the next major parts. These rollers draw the board through the machine. The other main part is the table. This table is adjustable for the efficient control of the thickness of the board that passes through the machine.

Some planer thicknesser machines vary from the rest. This variation is brought about by their portability. The portable versions have a fixed table while the cutter head and feed roller system is adjusted. Different types of machines are available. The industrial thickness planers cut many boards using a single pass. These industrial planers are advanced technologically hence accept wide boards and cut them into different widths. Powerful motors that are of dense construction are used to drive these machines.

The portable smaller planer thicknesser machines have become popular. This popularity has resulted from their compatibility with universal motors making them affordable. These machines are easy to operate. Their operation begins with the setting up of the tables to the desired heights. The machine is then switched on, and the board is fed into the machine. The board is pushed until it gains contact with the in-feed roller. This roller then proceeds with a firm grip to draw the boards into the machine until they pass the rotating cutter heads.

Through the machine, the knives scrape off the unwanted material from the boards. After the trimming is done, the outfeed rollers assist in the ejection of the uniform boards on the other end of the machine. A board of the desired thickness along its length has to be passed through the machine for reference purposes. This reference is essential to obtain perfect results when other boards are cut. The reference board is fed into the planer thicknesser with the cutters removed. The reference face is set flat on the table of the machine.

Creation of a perfect reference face is necessary. The reference determines the thickness of all the boards cut by the machine after it is set. Therefore, the reference face is made precisely by passing the board over the jointer. In the cases whereby the lower surface is irregular, the upper surface also becomes irregular after passing through the planer. When using the machine, the major problem encountered by woodworkers is the snipe. Incorrect feeding and misalignment cause snipe. Nonetheless, it can be rectified by allowing later trimming of the board keeping the board overly in the machine.

These woodwork machines are expensive. However, different suppliers and manufacturers have come up with various strategies to make them affordable to customers. Some of the manufacturers sell the machines on hire purchase. They also offer loans to enable customers to afford these machines. There are many manufacturers of the planer thicknesser. The increased number of manufacturers has increased competition hence lowering their prices.

Calderbrook Woodworking Machinery Ltd advises that the machines should be fitted with safety equipment to minimise injuries. Different models of this machine are available with affordable prices. There is a size for every woodwork industry. The big machines are used by the heavily commercial manufacturers while the smaller models are used even in construction sites. When purchasing the machine whether new or used, customers are advised to test their operability.

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