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5 Best Blogging Tips You Will Get All Year

by Caroline Murphy (writer), , August 17, 2015

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5 Best Blogging Tips You Will Get All Year

Alright bloggers, time to have a sit down and talk about SEO a little. What does SEO mean? Is it as important to you as it is to website owners?

SEO stands for search engine optimization and it basically means how you optimize the site for the search engine to make it find you quicker. Search engine traffic makes up majority of the online traffic. Without getting into the statistics of it, Google is used by almost 75% of the world’s online population. That’s a big number to start with, so you really can’t afford to miss out on the millions of potential viewers.

If the traffic management is done right, you can use it to increase the visitor count thus boosting your online presence. You can look up the many SEO services offered by web designing agencies.

Here are a few tips you can use to improve traffic on your blog, without getting too technical about it.

1. Use HTML text primarily

Sliders are popular and also visually pleasing. Just be sure that you use HTML for all the text and captions for the images rather than embedding text on the image, since Google can’t read images.

2. Title Your Posts Accurately

Whenever thinking of a title for your posts, think about something unique and what people would actually search for about the topic. Think about ways how people would for search terms. A well-sourced list of keywords is the key to the dreadlock of SEO. Comprise your keywords as a part of your title. This might not be necessarily required for all titles, but just the important ones you actually want people to find.

3. A Clean, Symmetric Layout

A modern website is expected to be minimal and symmetric in design, without getting too clunky. Google and other search engines are rely heavily on the clean design of the website as it gets easier to index it and pull up the information when needed. If you systematically label your HTML5 elements according to the title, headers, navigation and articles Google can differentiate between content that is useful and required over useless and something not worth considering.

Avoid flash based blogs at all cost. Even though flash is still prevalent on the internet, advancements like HTML5 are capable of delivering the same results as flash plus, they are SEO friendly.

4. Speed Up the Blog

It shouldn’t come as a surprise but Google loves a fast website, well, not only Google, but also its users love a fast responsive website. One thing that snags the speed to a standstill is the use of heavy imagery and JavaScript elements like parallax and sliders.

Minify CSS and JavaScript to reduce file size, also compress the images using a photo editing software.

5. Constant and Consistent Updates

Google likes updates, which may be obvious since they seldom release do many iterations on regular basis. If you let your blog just sit there without updates, it will slip down the ranking. As a writer from a web design company India based and operated, it is important to keep in mind that reader will only come back if there is informative and relevant update to your blog.

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