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Hackers Can Spy On You Via Your Security Camera

by Ellen (writer), , August 23, 2015

Security cameras are meant to protect

Security cameras are supposed to protect from break-ins. It is reported, however, that there are websites, which collect video streams from those IP cameras and put them online.

This often happens to security camera owners who failed to change default password on time. The thing is that hackers have learned to use search engines that can index passwords of Internet-connected security cameras and baby monitors to spy on you any time of the day.

One of such search engines, Shodan, uses automatic response “banners” to catalog default passwords. This helps find cameras and other Internet-connected devices and use them for any purpose a hacker needs.

If you are considering to purchase a camera security system for your business it's always a good idea to consult a professional commercial locksmith who can help with installation. After the system is properly placed and installed, here are several steps you can do to prevent it from being hacked:

  • Make sure to change default passwords when installing your camera and other Internet-connected devices.
  • Make new passwords as strong and complicated as possible so that no one could crack them.
  • Keep them secure and do not share this information with too many people.
  • Avoid linking your camera to any online resources (social networks included) to prevent Google from finding the webpage of your security camera.
  • Weigh all the pros and cons of Internet-connected cameras and decide whether you really need them. Maybe, you just need to monitor the entrance door areas without keeping the footage safe? If so, then connect your security cameras to the Local Area Network to make sure no one spies on you, your family or business.

Do you wish to check if your wireless devices have been indexed by the Shodan search engine? Then take your time to search for their IP addresses on the web. This is very easy, by the way: just type in the following combination: “net:YOUR.IP.ADDRESS” and watch the result!

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