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Gardening Tips for Hot Weather

by HRoberts (writer), London, August 13, 2015

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When it comes to gardening in the summer, there are some measures and techniques you should implement in order to assure that your plants survive the summer temperature peaks.

Summer heats can be extremely taxing on your plants in the garden. There is a real threat of your plants wilting, when you expect them to thrive instead. Heat can be the cause of a lot of problems, especially if you don’t take preventive measures and show some extra care for your plants.

Sometimes the sun is literally baking the ground, and you need to assure that plants with shallow roots are well looked after, which means going out of the way of traditional gardening. Here are some tips you can consider:

  • Add mulch for extra protection - mulch can really help protect the top layer of the soil and prevent the moisture from evaporating fast. The sun rays will not bake the soil that much when there is a layer of mulch on the ground. Gardening professionals and landscaping experts suggest that you use light colored mulch, which can reflect sunlight. Dry grass clippings do a fantastic job at this. Another material you can use is bark mulch for shrub beds, as it is not only good against the heat, but also prevents the growth of weeds.
  • Resort to shade cloth - this tool can be used to cover your plants and provide shading. Many gardening centres offer the material in a variety of sizes and configuration. One very important thing to watch out for when you buy shade cloth is the shade factor. It represents the blockage of sunlight and ranges anywhere from 20% to 90%. You have to be careful as you want to provide enough sunlight to your plants and not deprive them. You can create your own shade cloth using fish net and cloth woven through.
  • Watering - it is very important to manage watering properly during the hot summer days. The best time to water your plants is early in the morning, hours before temperatures reach their hot peak. This prevents loss of moisture and evaporation, which may happen when the sun heats up the soil. Additionally, watering when the sun is directly overhead may lead to a magnifying glass effect on leaves. The risk of heat scald is real. When the temperature is high, you need to focus on thorough watering and water conservation. Hand watering is always preferable, as it allows you to target the plants more precisely.
  • Be more attentive to transplants - transplants require extra care during the summer heat. All of the above tips are valid for transplants too, since you want to assure the perfect conditions for their growth. One more thing you can consider in order to protect young plants is to place them next to taller plants. Gardening experts all agree that this can make a huge difference till transplants are better established.

Hand watering with either a watering can or a watering hose is always preferable, as it allows you to target the plants more precisely.

Use these tips in the summer to care for your plants. Summer heat can be damaging to anything in your garden, so you need to take extra measures to ensure that your plants provide you with a produce you can be proud of.

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