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5 Tips to Give Your Business’s Local SEO a Boost

by benleedavis (writer), , August 12, 2015

?As a business owner, you may have noted that SEO is an important and critical step to your business’s success.

As a business owner, you may have noted that SEO is an important and critical step to your business’s success. You have implemented a website that is both desktop and mobile friendly in order to accommodate the new google algorithm, your site is saturated with keywords, and it is visually appealing. However, you may still find that your business does not have the local draw which you desire. Why is this? It could be that your SEO is catered globally and not locally. Ensuring that you SEO your site for local SERPs will greatly affect the visibility of your site in search engines for local businesses.

Make a Google + page

Creating a Google plus local page is essential to making your business identifiable on the search engines. As google uses their pages to give the search results for local businesses, you must have a listing in order to be found. The process is simple and free, so local business owners really have nothing to lose but a bit of time. To create a Googe + local listing you will need to:

  • Provide all your contact information and a physical address – Ensure that this information is exactly the same as on your website.
  • Acquire your pin and verify your listing – There are two ways in which you can verify your local listing on google +. The quickest method is by phone, the slower is by mail. Once you have received your pin simply go to the listing site and enter the Pin to verify.

That’ is it.

Get in a lot of NAPs

NAPs (Name address and phone numbers) are critical in getting your business’s SEO into local SERP (search engine report pages). Adding your NAPs to various sites helps to support the offline marketing and drive traffic to your business. Consider, if your business is listed only on google + but a person uses citysearch or mojopages to look for your business, you are not there. You competitor may be and therefore you lose a sale.

Where there are several sites which offer you paid NAP services, there are a great many which are free and should be implemented into your local SEO strategy. These include

  • Kudzu
  • Mojopages
  • CitySearch
  • MerchCircle
  • Insiderpages

If you want to find out more NAP potential listings for your area, simply type in your competitor’s address and see what pages the business is listed on. BE CAREFUL. Some sites have poor reputations. A bit of research is needed prior to posting your NAPs.

Local Link building

If you want to be known locally, you need to make your business an active local business. This can be done in a number of ways. However, the most responsive way to become locally known is to support the local community. Listing your business with the chamber of commerce, hosting local events, supporting the local school’s sports team, giving awards to businesses, free (online) giveaways, and local job postings are just a few ways in which you can boost your local SEO. Consider also local marketing techniques that direct customers to your site such as radio, local newspapers (both physical and online editions), and local television stations.

Customer reviews and feedback

Perhaps one of the greatest contributing factors apart from the Google + listing page is the feedback and reviews of your customers. A recent Harvard Study showed that consumers are more apt to use a business which has abundant customer reviews and information than a site which has no reviews. Other data has shown that customers influence your marketing a great deal more than ANY SEO you could implement. This would make sense. There are 250 million websites accessed every day, social media is accessed by one out of every 7 people on the planet daily, and nearly 80% of all consumers post a form of a review of products and services online.

Listing your business with various review services will help you maintain a local SEO as well as diversify the avenues in which customers can leave feedback. Such sites as Angie’s List, the Better Business Bureau, and Yelp are great sites to start your local SEO listings in.

Get started

Regardless of whether you are a large or a small business, it is paramount that your businesses have local SEO representation. It is true that you want a global SEO to rank on the search engines, but what good does that do if local customers cannot find your business? As you have seen, the process is not difficult at all. All of these methods have free options so that implementation only involves your time and effort. So get started. Once you have established your NAPs, Google Plus Local Listing, and Feedback, you will see that the SERPs with your business’s name will be more frequently found.

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