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Interview with author Ian Cochrane. RIGINAL.

by riginal (writer), moe australia, August 12, 2015

Another talented string to Ian's bow of success as an avid photographer, world traveler, respected author,storyteller, ghosts of the past wrestle within his avid write. A new venture.

interview with Ian Cochrane and his newest venture, TravelnRavel. RIGINAL.

Lucky enough to catch up with an old friend, author Ian Cochrane, bayside Melbourne, in Victoria Australia. For a brief interview. The pedantic photographer was gearing up for some photography 'leisure time.' Some people prefer to drink, chase football, the odd Kangaroo, meat pies...and drive hot Holden cars. An entrenched Aussie tradition. Ian writes and photographs the behavioral patterns of people from all walks of life, plus an intimacy with inanimate objects which take on a 'live' persona more often than not as he captures them with experienced objectivity and perspective. Such as the silent massive sentinels on Easter Island. Stone mute marvels tourists are spellbound by, seemingly wanting their secret ancient pasts told. Ian tends to do that with consummate ease. Simply because of his engrossing detailed write.

Ian is a world traveled purveyor of past and present with such attention to the infinite details of ancient and modern, his descriptions are so finite when you read his stories you can taste the fruit he describes, feel the ocean spray, atrocities of yore give up their pain, the characters he has stumbled across off the beaten path give up theirs. His book Indian Summer, reflects and mirrors an age of hippie culture and can be read under iancochrane on Broowaha. He's the self tinted bearded chap distinct on the front of the Broowaha site front page.

However, i am here to ask Ian about his latest foray as an offshoot of his love of the written word and encouragement of.

Ralph:" Ian what's simmering in your fertile mind?"

Ian:" Ralph i have instigated a site http:// href=""> for a group of writers chosen by me personally, free of spam, scam, and flog which can tend to dilute the notion of what writing is meant to encapsulate and preside over before all else."

RALPH:" I notice some of the writers are bloggers on other sites such as blogcatalogu and the Bro."

Ian:" Yes, some are new some from the sites you mention but all dedicated to simply showing their writing prowess unencumbered by the trappings of ads."

RALPH:" What can the readers, particularly Facebook fans expect Ian?"

Ian:"The genre is basically a moving target of varying blogs not encumbered by a strict protocol of travel though it is of little importance, fact being stranger than fiction. History and the imaginative interwoven or separate. Interesting, different styles, being the main criteria."

RALPH:" What is the feedback you are hoping for to encourage the readers to your new site."

Ian:" I think you may have answered your own question Ralph. Just that, FEEDBACK, comments, writers are a bit like children in a sense, they can use all the imaginative tools at their disposal, but encouragement in any venture no matter what your age or status, it is a given we all need and aspire to. The writer having written...hopefully the reader smitten? We'll wait and see and welcome to the site. For any further information or trouble in getting onto the site i can be contacted on Facebook, or Broowaha. Or webbed on my website"

RALPH:" I wish you well Ian, good luck."

PS: Ian had to leave due to his prearranged schedule. If you doubt his potency as a writer don't take my word for his, you will not be disappointed. He's very unassuming, preferring to let his words do the talking. Cheers. :>)

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4 comments on Interview with author Ian Cochrane. RIGINAL.

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By iancochrane on August 12, 2015 at 04:41 pm

Great to catch up Rig.

(& thanks for going easy on me.)

Cheers, ic

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By riginal on August 12, 2015 at 07:48 pm

my apologies Ian, the best access to your new site Was great to catch up. Some people take anti-depressants, some overindulge in cooking sherry, some try to choke unforgiving parking inspectors, misery follows like a spitting Cobra that has an excess of venom looking for someone it can have eye contact with. I avoid all these. Although any writer who is tempted to indulge in the above...i understand completely. Look! if you writers feel that life has been cruel, pick up your laptops and triangulate them pon your heads...keyboard over face. I've heard it is a great way to avoid miserable Cobra venom. So i eye heard. Writing is a very secular pastime, i mean when's the last time you guys sat typing with your missus on your knee, feeding you grapes? More to the point, where does her sister live? As long as she's not a parking inspector with tickets on herself! Best of writing luck. These bloody caps they put on the cooking sherry bottles...they are so hard to unscrew! :>)

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By Barbara MacDonald on September 04, 2015 at 03:54 pm

Two very talented men from Down Under....great interview, I wish you well with your new site Ian, sorry I have not really had much chance to check it out and leave some comments there. I will do that soon hopefully.

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By riginal on September 04, 2015 at 10:45 pm

...i'll do that soon hopefully too Barb, if ever i can unravel how to get on Travelnravel. Women are just so clever, but that doesn't imply men are so stupid. I mean they do bring home the bacon...i just wish i was a stay-at-home mum. Feet perched in the air, glass of champers in hand, roast self- ejecting from the oven. Robot vacuum sucking up the crumbs. I have no trouble with swear words on the computer,it's the passwords i have trouble with. Wonder if Hemmingway had that trouble? :>)

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