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Tips on How to Improve Your Students' Writing

by Martha Siimons (writer), New York, August 12, 2015

Every educator understands the real value of writing assignment. It helps to assess not only student's written English skills and creativity

Every educator understands the real value of writing assignment. It helps to assess not only student's written English skills and creativity, but also his/her ability to express thoughts in a logical manner, build solid argumentation, consolidate the available data. And, of course, writing is a skill that needs constant development. As a teacher, you want to help your students to improve their skills and make the process of writing more productive and less painful for them. Sometimes achieving this goal might be pretty challenging. It requires developing some specific techniques and using various tools.

Spelling and Grammar

First of all, if some of your students experience difficulties with grammar they can try to start a personal journal of their mistakes. It can be very advantageous to note down some of the rules they tend to forget about, frequently misused or misspelled words, etc. No matter what kind of journal it will be – digital or a simple notebook – the results can be impressive.

Also, with the presence of the great abundance of online resources for improving the command of English available on the web it would be wrong not to use them. You can design your own quizzes and assignments targeted on the individual points of development of your students with NoRedLink to help them understand what kind of paper you're asking for. It can be a nice idea for you to use an online custom writing service like Essayhave to have a paper that would serve as a benchmark you'd like your students to aspire to. Additionally, you may provide them with links to the websites with a large amount of helpful information on writing, like Infoplease.


Naturally, enlarging one's vocabulary is the essential part of writing skills improvement. The more words we know the better texts we can craft. The obvious advice here would be reading a lot, but there are some other options you might offer to your students. Visuwords is a great online dictionary that allows constructing visual words' associations and explains their meanings. It's very helpful in building complex sentences and finding proper terms. Merriam-Webster Visual Dictionary will come in handy for using the right terms (especially when it comes to the components of an object) your students may have doubts about.


For those students who find it rather difficult to start writing and feel frustrated looking at a blank page making an outline can be an effective solution. No matter what kind of writing assignment they experience difficulties with, taking some time to sketch an outline for it will help to gather the thoughts together and start the process.


It's much more effective to check students' draft versions of their papers and help them rewrite the material in a proper way than give a constructive feedback on the paper that is ready and can't be changed. It gives them an opportunity to work on their text and make it better. You may consider setting a draft versions' deadlines at least a week before the final due date and help your students learn from their own mistakes.

Writing More Frequently

If you have a chance to split one long paper assignment into several shorter ones you should consider doing so. Each successive assignment gives your students an opportunity for improvement. Practice makes perfect!

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