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The Show Must Go On

by 'Mean' Mike Duffau (writer), I'm the boss!, October 04, 2007


As the thespians of the theatre say... "The show must go on."
But where is our lack of imagination nowadays? When we can go to a movie and let the special effects tell the story rather than watching boring actors who are not convincing enough pull off Shakespeare.

Things have gotten too modern these days and our brain cells have shrunk because of it. The audience for good Broadway material is becoming a fad, like the drive-in movie. Did the thought crossed your minds yet? Let me tell you why... Because the sons and daughters of the contemporary world are more into the playstations, PSP, X-Box, or other game and portable movie players.

The theatre cannot compete with computer gadgets because the theatre has very little or no technology. The creative process is left to the actor or artist, and it's up to the audience to have an imagination in order to go with the actor's journey. To feel what the character is feeling and to laugh or cry if thats where it leads you.
I wasn't around back in the day when Marlon Brando epitomized the stage with his raw, animalistic, method style of acting. I could only imaging the thoughts when people saw 'A Streetcar Named Desire' that they were watching a God.
Do you remember Orson Welles and his radio production 'The War of the Worlds'? Of course you don't! In 1938 there wasn't television and with his story-telling abilities he shocked millions. This was possible in the name of imagination. Great artists are aware the power of a good story because they follow their instincts.

The theatre is a special place because it's a one shot deal. A private moment is going on before our eyes and the audience is the fourth wall. Where else can we see life in the truest form? Most of us in our lives put up walls to hide our inner most thoughts and feelings. Unlike the theatre where there are no retakes and it has to be well executed as if it's happening for the very first time on a daily basis.
Another special attribute to consider is that the audience needs to let themselves go and discover new worlds. The theatre can provide that ride only if the spectator will allow it.
Computer graphics is becoming your actor and the actors are playing a supporting role or closer to being a prop. Plain and Pure F'in simple!

We cannot let something that started way back in the glory years of vaudeville or earlier fade into a page in the history books. People in general must not remain passive for the generations to come.
I challege thee to go to your nearest Broadway act and support the actors in the theatre. It doesnt have to be in New York. If you're in Los Angeles go to the Mark Taper or whatever town you're in. Go and support! You might learn something about theatre and at the same time you'll learn more about yourself.

let your minds free to experience what the stories...

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By Venditto on October 04, 2007 at 07:34 pm
On 49th st between 8th & 9th aves there is a playhouse that has like six or seven different theaters in it. It's next door to a couple bars and it's always got fun, experimental shows there. I saw evil dead the musical there a few months ago and it rocked my socks off. Right now one of the shows there is Altar Boys and it's pretty cool.
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By 'Mean' Mike Duffau on October 25, 2007 at 12:32 am
i hope the production of the bronx tale comes to L.A.
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