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Merge multiple installments into a single monthly payment

by Frank (writer), , August 07, 2015

Appoint a credit counselor, when you are not able to manage your multiple debts

Combining multiple debts into a single monthly payment is one of the best solutions to repay your debt. But it is essential to review all options obtainable under consolidation services.

Consolidation helps you merge your multiple debts into a single payment which you have to pay monthly. The amount will be more reasonable so that you can manage it easily.

Consolidation doesn’t reduce the principal amount of debt, but it helps in reducing interest rate and extending limited period of payment. In this way, you will be able to pay the monthly payment easily and on time. It may also help you improve your credit score, if all installments are paid off accurately.

To get these services, it is necessary that your debt must be unsecured debts such as personal loan which is unsecured, medical bills, credit card debt, etc.. If you have any debt which is secured by collateral will not qualify for consolidation, because the lender will be able to re-possess the asset if you fail to pay your monthly installments.

Choosing the best debt consolidation services can help you avoid bankruptcy. There are various consolidation methods. You must go through all those methods and choose one of them which is most appropriate to pay off your financial obligation.

Generally, there are two methods that help you consolidate your debts: debt management or credit counseling and debt refinancing.

Debt refinancing: This method helps you borrow another loan to pay off your current multiple debts and make you able to pay one installment in a month to one lender. It will make you free from paying several monthly installments to different money lenders. There are different refinancing options available that you can choose such as low interest credit card, loan or mortgage and home equity loan. Before choosing any of them, you must go through their all advantages and disadvantages and try to know the all facts cautiously.

Debt management or credit counseling: When you are not able to control your debt and facing problem in paying monthly installment, you should appoint a credit counselor. They will negotiate with your creditors on behalf of you and make an easy repayment plan which you can afford. They will be able to reduce the interest on your debt including lowering your monthly installment. Your late fees may also be waived.

Once they resolve all problems with your creditors, you will have to make the payment to your counselor and they will pay to your creditors after taking their share. It will not only save your time, but also save your money. You must keep paying your monthly installment until it is finished.

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