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Photo booth vs professional photographer

by Jirakee jones (writer), , July 31, 2015

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Help to find out the difference between professional photographers and what are the benefits to hire the Photo Booth for diferent events like wedding, events, Party.

Lifelong records of events are provided in photographs, for instance, graduations, engagements, weddings and birthdays. In the past, one required a qualified photographer to do the job which is time consuming and expensive. Today, photo booths have surged in popularity and as a result, people are opting for photo booths over professional photographers. The rise in popularity can be attributed to several factors, particularly the affordable and relaxed nature of it. During private parties or events, guests may feel uncomfortable with the presence of a photographer but may feel more relaxed in a photo booth where they can let loose and be silly, without fear of judgment.

It's always a dilemma when deciding between a professional photographer or hiring a photo booth. There are very talented photographers who can produce quality photos. However there are many advantages of the photo booth, making it a more favourable option than a photographer. A photo booth is more likely to capture every guest at the event, whereas a photographer can unintentionally leave people out. Photographers may take photos that are perceived as unsatisfactory to the guests. However, in a photo booth, they can retake photos to their heart’s content. The guest can also take his or her photograph home with them as a keepsake.

The photographer walks from one place to another taking photos. This increases the chances of some memorable moments being left out. In a photo booth, photos tend to come out more naturally and the silly moment can be captured. In the presence of a photographer, guests may be reluctant to pose for the camera because they may not be ready for the photo. A photographer can get tired moving from one place to another capturing fun moments, this can be tedious work. The photo booth is available throughout the entire night, without any breaks required.

When hiring a photo booth, the event planner should look for a photo booth brand that is reputable and is able to provide technical support should any issues occur at the event. Request a photo booth attendant to ensure that the event run smoothly. Choose a company that offers a variety of photo booth options in terms of branding and customisation. There are companies that allow you to customise the exterior of the photo booth with the theme of the party or include the brand logo on the photo strip so that guests will forever associate those memories with your brand.

Often, guests will want to edit or upload their photos immediately. The ideal photo booth should have a social media integration where guests can upload photos to Facebook, Instagram or even Twitter. Guests also prefer photo booths that allow them to edit their best and favourite photos. Let’s not forget the photo booth props which provide endless laughs and brilliant photo opportunities that a professional photographer would be unable to capture.

Some companies offer partnership programs, giving people access to wholesale hire rates if they are not ready to purchase a photo booth for their venue. This is ideal for small business owners who may not have sufficient capital to part with. To enjoy the best photos, one should choose a photo booth package that best meets the business’ needs. Consider the branding and customisation options that are available to you. Other options may include 24/7 technical support. One can visit to uncover the best package today!

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By beyondme on August 10, 2015 at 02:21 am

i think there's a need of good photographers, professional ones. capturing important moments and having special frames makes you feel professional. but this is not only about techniqes, most of it it s about feeling the moment and good observer on what concern details. i leave here my protofolio

it can be a source of inspiration!

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By jamesgking on August 14, 2015 at 10:27 pm

Good and professional characteristics shoul have with the photographer for the responsibilities to capture all the images of the wedding,birthday or other parties. This essay will help to let you know about the quality of the photo Booth and the professional photographers activities in front of the wedding or other kinds of parties.

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