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Challenges of Lightning Protection across History

by Kabir (writer), , July 31, 2015

?Since ages immemorial, men have been awed by lightning. It was just like a flash of light coming out of the sky.

Since ages immemorial, men have been awed by lightning. It was just like a flash of light coming out of the sky. And it had immense power – to burn on whatever it fell and to kill any living being that it hit. So, man has been trying to get rid of the dangerous effects of lightning since the earliest of times. But it has never been an easy process and was always threatened by failures. There are several challenges associated with lightning protection. And it is quite often seen that the lightning protection system has not been able to make the environment completely free from all types of dangers associated with lightning.

There are quite a few types of challenge that can make the task of a person all the more difficult when he is trying to protect properties and lives from lighting strikes. It is essential to overcome those challenges while trying to prepare oneself to be able to create an ambiance where he can negotiate the lightning to nullify its charges. This helps to ensure that damages due to lightning strikes are reduced significantly.

Earliest Challenges

From the earliest of ages, man hardly had any idea of how lightning worked and how they struck the earth. So, it is quite difficult to find out a way to know how to get the charges drained. In fact, it is first thought to be the act of God, a dangerous one.

It was through years of research that it was understood that lightning was caused by electricity that accumulates in the cloud. And so, a new horizon in the field of negotiating lightning found its way.

Difficulty in Understanding How to Negotiate

Even a single bolt of lightning contains loads of electric charge. It is enough for causing any kind of damage. It can burn things or even kill living beings. And if the charge enters the wiring system of a house or office, all the equipment are expected to be destroyed.

It was not easy to understand how to nullify such an immense charge. But gradually the researches saw the path forward. First academic result on lightning protection research was published in Buda at the end of the 18th century. And it was Benjamin Franklin who first helped to get rid of the harmful damages caused by lightning with the help of the lightning rod. This rod played an important role in taking the whole of the charge to the ground.

Difficulty in Finding Lighting Protection Systems

The lightning protection systems are quite common these days. And they are installed almost at every space. They are used primarily in the tall buildings or structures, as there is more of a chance for the lightning to strike tall buildings.

There are several providers of lightning protection units. But it is not an easy task to get the best ones for performing the task. You need to do quite a bit of research to ensure that the lightning strikes are perfectly negotiated. And for that, it is essential to have the best systems in place. You need to have a clear idea about the type of rods or the conductor cable that are used in the lightning protection units. They should be able to send the charges to the ground and earth it without any kind of mishap. Otherwise, it might be a matter of time before an accident occurs from the lightning strikes.

Lightning protection is surely one of the most difficult tasks that mankind faces. It is not an easy task to get the lightning nullified and all the charges drained to the earth. When a lightning strikes, the charges around the place go up all of a sudden. And if that increased charges enter the wiring of any place, all the equipment associated with that connection are sure to be damaged. Some of those might stop functioning altogether. So, it is necessary to have lightning protection products in place. And they should also be of the highest quality. Only then you can expect the lightning strikes to be completely negotiated. And they would not cause any kind of damage to the electric connections in or around the place where the lightning had struck.

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