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Top Ten Business Class Airlines

You want to travel a lot, to see new countries, to plunge into other people's culture and enjoy the spectacular views, but the flight fares hurt your wallet? Let me tell you a secret about cheap firs

Business class travel is getting closer to travelling in first class cabins as there are more services available and things are more comfortable. There are many one way business class deals which means that many will want to take advantage of the comfort available. Many airlines have invested in new business class seating which makes the whole journey more comfortable and can lead to you having a more restful journey. We therefore have provided a selection of the best business class seats in the industry.

Many business class seats are about good design, extra shoulder room and having a full recline to a full flat bed. China southern Airlines have all of these features in their seating and they even call it a ‘couch in the air’ and they are 75 – 86 inch long beds when fully reclined. This is why they come in at number ten in the top ten list.

At number nine, Virgin Atlantic also offer longer beds and there is direct access to aisles as well. They also have a suite-like setting which offers more privacy.

Korean Airlines have been awarded the number eight position as they have Prestige Sleeper seats which go back 180 degrees maximum but also at any point in between, with easy push button controls.

At number seven, Quantas has Skybed seats which have a selection of recline positions on offers. They also have a lot of storage and there is a 77 inch bed with a turn down service.

Air France comes in at number six due to its $500 million investment in new cabins which have leather upholstered beds. They also have 16 inch touchscreens and the bed can go flat and has a padded headboard, soft duvet and extra large pillow.

Singapore airlines take position number five as they have just changed their business class fares and their airlines are very luxurious. They have new seating which has touch button functions and two new reclining positions which also offer privacy.

Emirates is at number four as their new A380 and many of their B777 aircrafts have seats which recline to full flat beds and extend 79 inches. There is a touchscreen which reclines the seats and there is lots of storage as well as a built-in mini bar and power supply.

Cathay pacific is at number three as it has new business class seats which have retractable arm rests and swivel tables. They also have a shoe locker, spacious flat bed and power supply.

Qatar airlines B787 business class cabins are in second place. These have lie flat beds with Italian frette linens as well as a personal dual-screen device.

In the top place is Japan Air Lines, they have a full flat bed with airweave pillows and mattress. There is direct aisle access, lots of storage as well as plentiful shoulder and leg room, making their international business class seating the best there is.

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