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Why Your Business Need Social Media in 2015

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Social Media for Business

If some one is looking for service or a advice, search engine is the first place they go to. If we put it in simple words, if you are not online you cannot be found.

One of my friend is a digital marketing consultant, who helps small to mid business achieve their digital marketing goals and build a strong brand online. He also works for a social media company (

He has taken his time out to explain why your business needs social media.

If some one is looking for service or a advice, search engine is the first place they go to. If we put it in simple words, if you are not online you cannot be found. Getting a website for your business is an absolute necessity these days. Digital world lives in real time, and hence its important to include social media in your business plan.

Here are some social media platforms you should consider.


According to stats twitter has more than 304 active users per month. Although less than 10 percent of those accounts are not human and without user taking any action. It is a great platform to strike up conversations with your clients. You will be there for them whenever they need assistance. You can make use of twitter hashtags and search option to hook in a potential customer. Once you start connecting with them, you will start getting invaluable feedback which will help you to improve your product and services.


You can use Facebook to increase your brand image. Facebook has more than 700 million daily users. You can create your brand page and share news and update related to your niche which will get your users talking. Facebook news feed has its own algorithm, which means it will displays content if it thinks your fans will like it based on their interaction with you and their friends

This provides us a great opportunity to test different content types to see what works for your brand.

Google Plus

Establishing a presence on this Google plus platform can be hugely beneficial for business to increase their online visibility. You can include related companies and individual in your circle then share relevant content with them. If you have a local business, dont forget to register your location and company details for Google+ local.

There are other social platforms as well that can be used to enhance your brand and customer experience. YouTube can be great platform to demonstrate your products or to show the real face of your brand. Image based social sites such as Pinterest and Instagram can be used to showcase your products. Alternatively if you are a B2B focused, you can consider using Linkedin.

However, there is no reason for one brand to be on all of the social platforms available all of the time. You have to work out where your customers are and how to engage with them most effectively.

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By charlescolin on September 11, 2015 at 09:04 am

On the off chance that somebody is searching for administration or a counsel, web search tool is the primary spot they go to. On the off chance that we place it in basic words, in the event that you are not online you can't be found. Getting a site for your business is a flat out need nowadays.

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