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3 Reasons Why Your Resume Isn’t Working

by pptbender (writer), , July 28, 2015

?You have been looking for a job for a long time, but you do not succeed.

You understand that something must be wrong with your resume. But what exactly? At first glance, it looks pretty good. The fol

1. Unexplained gap

In your resume, there is absence from the workplace lasting at least 3 years. You didn’t find it necessary to explain the reason for this gap. In fact, you should do it. Just imagine yourself in the hiring manager’s shoes. What explanation would you find?

  • The candidate was receiving an additional education (MBA or second degree). Perhaps they were abroad at that time.
  • The job seeker was on parental leave.
  • The workplace did not meet the candidate’s overall career path, so they decided not to specify it in the resume.
  • The candidate decided to hide some personal circumstances (moving home, relationship, disease).
  • The job seeker left the company before they found a new job and then faced with unforeseen circumstances: the position was closed, the company moved, the employer proved unreliable.
  • The candidate was in a place of detention or under investigation.
  • As you can see, the hiring manager can find a lot of options how to explain the situation. Some of them are not very pleasing. So you should indicate the real reason of the gap.

    2. Poor formatting

    You know very well that your resume is your face. So take the time to bring it in order. Be sure that the hiring manager pays attention not only to the content of your resume. Formatting also matters. What are the basic requirements for the resume formatting?

  • The font should be readable and large enough.
  • Bulleted lists is a big plus.
  • The ideal length is 1 page. If your experience exceeds 10 years, then 2 pages is appropriate.
  • The resume should be free of grammatical mistakes.
  • It should be logically structured.
  • It should be made in the same style.
  • Look at your resume formatting with fresh eyes. Are you satisfied with everything? If needed, ask professionals to help you polish your resume. Check out and see some samples and types of resume formatting.

    3. Invisible results

    In your resume, you write that you are a result-driven person. Really? Then why does not the hiring manager see your results? How to make them visible?

  • Focus on your accomplishments rather than responsibilities.
  • Provide specific numbers and relevant examples.
  • Avoid vague explanations.
  • Use bullet lists.
  • Show the hiring manager that you were a really valuable employee for the previous company. This will significantly increase the chances for your resume to get noticed.

    Now you are aware of some possible reasons why your resume gets rejected. Draw appropriate conclusions and correct mistakes. Take your resume to the new level!

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    By Monro on August 05, 2015 at 08:41 am

    Really I have been looking for a job for a long time, but i cant succeed. Afteryour 3 Reasons Why Your Resume Isn’t Working finally i found it.

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