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Saving Money with Coupons

by DianaSmith (writer), Melbourne, VIC, July 27, 2015


Looking to lower your everyday expenses? Save money with coupons!

Everyone living on a tight budget knows how practical, organized and sometimes even well intuitive a person needs to be in order to go through a month, always balancing between all the necessities you need to cover, all the bills you need to pay and very often a mortgage and a credit card debt that go along. And as soon a month ends, another one starts, no pause in between to think of a new strategy, so you need to make a new one every month since a universal one does not exist. If you lack options, and eventually probably will, maybe it was high time you started with implementing coupons into your budget organizing options. They have been proven to save money and here are the best ways to do it.

Finding coupons

You can find them in a lot of places. Various newspapers and magazines have coupons inserted, usually in their weekend editions. Some even include pages reserved solely to coupons. They are most frequently meant for different product that you can find in grocery stores, for items that are used on daily bases, such as food and beverages, hygiene chemicals, cosmetics and detergents, to name just a few. Next most frequent ones are for clothes and footwear, followed by different household appliances and electrical devices. All in all, practically any product is one time or another covered by discount coupons.

Aside from paper editions, coupons can be found on specialized web pages dedicated solely to coupons and other types of discounts. If you have a specific item in mind and you cannot find it in any of the mentioned places, make sure you regularly check the manufacturer’s website, the majority of companies offer coupons periodically. All you need to do is print them out and visit the nearest store. Furthermore, do not just throw away the fliers and advertising leaflets that you find in your mail boxes regularly, very often some useful coupons can be found inside, besides the junk no one really needs. Lastly, do not forger to collect free in-store magazines, especially at the stores where you regularly buy. You never know, you may find a coupon for your favorite fruit you planned to use for a desert tomorrow.

Select and organize

You will some time to get the hang of organizing coupons. The best manner is to separate them into categories and arrange them chronologically. Dates are something you need to pay special attention to since majority coupons have their validity period and if you wish to save money you need to honor them. This is particularly important when using grocery store coupons. For example, when you become proficient enough, you will even be able to organize your daily menus based on coupons, eat diverse food every day and save a lot of money all along.


Saving Money with Coupons? by

Coupons also cover different service we all use. For example, women’s magazines often offer coupons for beauty salons and local newspapers include discounts for car repairs and various house maintenance offered by local serviceman. Therefore, why not have your oil changed or any other routine service done at discount price. The same applies to any scheduled maintenance work you are not trained to do yourself, such as air-conditioner filter change or gas change in your refrigerator, for example. Also, freecharge coupons are very often offered for various courses and educational programs, why not use them and enroll to something you always wanted?

Go out

Saving Money with Coupons? by

Coupons are not always related to house food and drinks. Use those issued by restaurants, barbecue and pizza places and take your family out for dinner. If you do not prefer eating out, you could visit your cinema or a theatre using their discount coupons. Even if they only cover snacks and pop corn, your refreshed budget will be able to handle it, at least occasionally.

Implementing these advice, every home budget will surely improve, with good organization and selection. How you will use the extra money is naturally up to you. However, do not forget to treat yourself with something extra from time to time, you certainly saved for it.

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Diana Smith is a full time mom interested in business and marketing related topics.
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