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Father-Daughter Dance to Spring Tea

by Carla (writer), Northern burbs of Houston, September 22, 2007

"Is this another "Chick Thing"?"

That was my husband's way of telling me he didn't want to participate in whatever event I was signing him up for.
ME: "It's her Senior year and school tradition is: Senior girls and DADS participate in the Fashion Show at the Spring Tea."
Ha! I had him with the "school tradition" thing as he was steeped in traditions. This time, he was being hung by his own noose~ I smiled at my cleverness.

HIM: "So this IS a chick thing?"
ME: "It's a Dad & Daughter thi..". EEWW, I cringed. Before I could even get the words from my mouth, flashbacks came streaming from the ghost of 'dad & daughter past'.
The Girl Scout D&D dance complete with pics of dad posing uncomfortably in a 50's setting with the what-am-I-doing-here-you-know-I-can't-dance" expression and a glaring poodle-skirted, pony-tailed daughter with the why-do-I-have-the-dorky-dad? expression.
The D&D Skating party where dad skating slowly somehow managed to trip his dear daughter and then skate over her arm, breaking it in two places, causing her to wear a cast for several weeks with an inscription saying "Sorry that your dad is such a dork".
Then there was the Swim Party when daughter and friends jumped into the big wave pool and bobbed around squealing and dad thought they were in distress and ran to the lifeguards shouting "Stop the Wave Pool my daughter is drowning!"
I couldn't bear to think of anymore D&D disasters....
"I rest my case", he said in passing,
"but it's TRADITION!", was my retort.
So there they were; strolling down the runway at the Spring Tea.
Dad with his making the best of a bad situation expression and Daughter with her "Look at my pretty pink froc" expression.
As rehearsed, they stopped midway and she then stepped out alone to make her turns and twirls.
Suddenly it all became slow motion as she stood there confidently smiling and waving to her friends; he was standing there gazing and aware for the first time of the lovely lady she had become, his eyes teared for a moment as he beamed with pride.

In my head were echos of the countless wars and struggles of "outrageous dress prices!",
"a thousand text-messages?",
"how can you call THAT a 'little ding'?",
"I don't want to be like HER dad!"
"Yes, there will always be a curfew, it's TRADITION!"

I choked back a sob as my table of ladies applauded softly and dabbed their eyes with our dainty napkins.
She turned once more and I saw her mouth "Thanks,Daddy".
Then arm in arm they strolled off the runway.
Him with his "Look at my lovely daughter" expression and her with her "Is this dress cute or what?" expression.

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