Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Trump: The Class Clown in a Class of His Own

The Best Way to Silence a Class Clown is to Stop Giving Him Attention (even if he's in a class of clowns)

I can't help but to laugh (despite the reason being no laughing matter) how just a month or so ago during one of my rare late-night visits/rants on FB I had written a little thing about how scary it was someone like Scott Walker might run for president and went on to cite a few fun facts pointing out how ridiculous someone so corrupt could be a front runner simply because of his being the one willing to bend over the most for the Koch brothers - this was before anyone announced mind you - and today here we are with a Republican Primary of 16 Candidates lead by Donald Fuggin Trump in the polls!

At first my problem was as it's always been how blatantly corrupt, spineless, and backwards the Republican party is and how shameful things are in our country mostly in part a portion of our so called leaders are in fact followers and will say the earth is flat if someone paid them enough. Nothing kills hope and the American dream more than putting bottom lines before human beings. How contradictory a party claiming to want less government in peoples lives can at the same time say two people in love can't marry or if they don't get their way on an issue they claim the very things that make this country great such as the supreme court make it worse. Leaders are supposed to stand for something not keep quiet and safe for fear it'll cost them a vote or contributions. Leaders like our current president make tough decisions and stand by them.

So here we are today and we have a reality star leading a saturated primary of 16 spineless men who can't even stand up and take a position and let their party collapse because none of them are willing to sacrifice their own ambition for a greater good and with the media covering trump each and every day they have no one to blame but themselves. Its a disgrace to me not a single candidate on the Republican side wasn't on air two minutes after all this began with Trump when he made his sickening comments regarding immigrants (whom without this country wouldn't exist). Not a single person (if you can even call them people) on the Republican side stood up and said how many variations of delusional do you have to be to announce intention of being this nations leader while saying something so abhorrent in the same breath? A leader wouldn't have hesitated and perhaps if there were one in that disaster of a party they'd have nipped Trump before it became too late because guess what, it is.

With the media now focusing on trump and the things he says as they continue to get more and more vicious day in and day out the rest of the Weak 16 get no exposure and the party weakens with every passing moment.

Believe me I'd love for Trump to make it to the general because although I don't have much faith in this country these days I do have enough to believe there are enough people who will vote intelligently and he'll lose by a landslide. Im a liberal and proud of it but Im an American first and America cannot function without two strong parties and lets face it those Republicans' let their party self destruct and it starts with having such a saturated primary with no one willing to stand down and wait their turn and unify behind one candidate and ends with a reality star winging speeches which speak nothing of policy but rather point out how stupid his running mates are - people whom are too scared to take a stand against him because he may not write a check the next time they decide to make fools of themselves and run again.

Its funny how so many people say Hillary is too elite and full of herself to vote for... What is Trump then? No one is more egomaniacal and up in the clouds than him. And as far as being too elite, I agree, Hillary Clinton is the most elite choice out there going by my definition of what it means to be elite - the best of the best - and if the people don't want to vote for the most elite choice what do they prefer the most mediocre? Because at best that's how one could describe fifteen of the sixteen republicans running. The sixteenth, or first rather, being Trump is far from elite. He's a performer at best and not a very good one either. So far we've seen by his speeches how poor his improv skills are and from his recent release from his contract by NBCU he's not even valued enough to stay on as leading man of the Apprentice, you know, another accomplishment he pretended was actually his until his real boss "fired" him.

Republican or Democrat we cannot feed into this nonsense we've let the country go to shit enough as it is, don't let the whole democratic process go to shit with it. After all this is still a country that passed gay marriage and healthcare for all. We can still do great things if we work together and stand behind a true leader not a "Reality Star" so unoriginal he couldn't even think of his own campaign slogan (Make America Great Again = Regan's Slogan).

The best thing we can do is refuse to be a part of the circus and suggest the media stop giving Trump all the attention he gets because after all the easiest way to get rid of a bully is to stop paying attention to them and sooner or later they'll go away... and maybe with him out of the picture who knows? Maybe there is a chance we can make this country great again...

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