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10 Ways To Bring Your Writing Skills To The Next Level

by adammann (writer), , July 23, 2015

Do you blog, write books or tweet the smart thoughts you regularly have? Make sure you do it right!

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There are so many people who want to write today. Some want to write books and make a living out of it, some want to blog and become known for that and some just want to share their thoughts with whoever wants to read them. In any case, people want to grow and develop their writing skills. Here are some ways to do that.

Getting rid of unnecessary filler words

Well, they kinda stand on your, like, way. There are some words both in conversational speech and written language that you want to use less. Often these are words such as “like”, “you know”, “well”, “sort of/kind of”, etc. You are not forbidden to use those words, just try not to use them in every other sentence.

Writing every day

Write at least something. Don’t say that you don’t have any ideas; there are always some:

1.The dreams you had last night.

2.Something interesting you learnt today/yesterday/last week.

3.What you would do if you had a million. (You can fantasize even about a billion).

4.Why this day was great.

5.How you could make this day better.

6.What you would change in this day.

7.Why you don’t have inspiration and how to change that.

8.What things you could teach a stranger.

Write every day and it will help you develop your skills more and more.

Reading books

Where else would you get inspiration and see how a great text should look like? It’s a simple rule: if you don’t read, you cannot write. There are so many amazing books out there and every one of them can not only drag you into a unique imaginary universe, but also give you the knowledge of what a profound writing looks like.

Rereading your material

You may not see some mistakes from the first time. Rereading your text right after you write it can help you find a couple of more mistakes. However, the best thing to do is to read this text the next day. You’ll have a fresh mind and you’ll see everything differently. Probably, you will want to change a lot of things.

Getting rid of unnecessary descriptions

Some authors use long detailed descriptions of nature, events, people’s clothes or facial features, etc. and that is the part of their individual style. In the “American psycho” there are numerous descriptions about how the main character is shaving, applying gel on his body and putting on his Brioni suit and Prada shoes. That is the literary technique the author used. Don’t mix it with the regular meaningless text that can be easily deleted. Don’t try to make your text bigger by adding unnecessary information. Better leave it shorter, but meaningful and interesting to read.

Listening to criticism

Don’t listen to inadequate and incompetent criticism, though. If your friends or relatives give you constructive criticism on your work, listen to that and draw some conclusions. You cannot eliminate all the mistakes by yourself. Thus, constructive criticism is the best factor for your professional growth.

Write the way you think

Don’t try to pull out all the fancy words you can find in a dictionary. Write the thoughts from your head the way they are. The voice in your mind knows what to do. Trust it and let it say everything it wants.

Using short sentences and paragraphs

No one will read numerous pages of difficult paragraphs with half a page sentences. Try to write clear understandable sentences and don’t forget to divide them into paragraphs.

Enjoy the process

Some time ago I wanted to become a programmer. But after some time I realized that I wanted it only because I saw nice offices with people writing codes and making good money. I didn’t want to be a programmer; I just wanted to make a lot of money. Thus, if you want to start writing only because you saw a blogger with a Macbook in a café and it seemed great to you, this whole idea won’t work. You have to love writing and enjoy the process.

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By Edward Warner on October 09, 2015 at 04:52 am

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