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Who in God's name can we trust to write the truth? RIGINAL.

by riginal (writer), moe australia, July 20, 2015

Do you swear to write the truth so help you without 'poetic license?' You do! What in the heck is wrong with you?:>)


Floggers put down your vinyl comments. Rest your weary replica butts. Oh religious ones of nary a comment when presented with anything remotely suggestive of smoke and mirror 'insert' by over imaginative Biblical scholars of yore inscription.

Bit like the author of 'Chariots of the Gods.' "I entered this cave and saw...!" A chap in the cave with the over imaginative author admonished the descriptive 'Aladdin's Cave' insert in what was an interesting doco to say the least, saying that it was a load of descriptive poppycock and no such wonders appeared. The author, backed into a corner, painted his way out with the write explanation..."bit of poetic license!"

Is poetic license now an accepted part/appendage of historical 'fact' or more to the Biblical point, has it always been?

Needless to say, other investigations showed that the massive building blocks meshed together which made up the towering triangulated Pyramids were not as the author suggested, of such a tolerance meshed together no engineering feat could emulate. An assumption proven by construction engineers-wrong. A simple explanation. The P Lego blocks of ancient were back beveled or slanted in wedge shape configuration so that the fine line front appearance of the blocks presented as an architectural work of genius fit calculation. That they are an awe inspiring build one can't argue with.

Also though no crane of modern could lift those mammoth blocks, as you all know, canals were reckoned to be at that time, and rather than little dark-eyed aliens with lifting mechanisms beyond our comprehension; there was no dole or unemployment benefits for non workers. So therefore i believe that there would have been thousands pon thousands of slaves rock up at the building site...though some or most may have copped a whip across the arse as some bludgers in today's society do need. They have to be coaxed. I mean has anyone read in ancient Egypt employment manuals of a Mr. Mojo Hammered ringing up on his stone mobile and asking to be excused for a day or so as he needed a sickie to recuperate because when the foreman on site said "lift and pull!" the others didn't and 100 tonne caused a pain in the lower back region causing an extra tail eject ?

Now, harking back out of the bullrush i was invited to go to church here so i did as there's not much else to do pray tell. George, my friend, a believer, but with some modification ie: (bit of slot playing at the local and the odd beer okay). His interpretation of God's will and allowable. See, this is the problem in my humble opinion. Religious or otherwise interpretation of what's an allowable thing...according to each and everyone's cup of particular blend tea. Same goes in business the way i see it. Have, or do all you religious people with companies stick rigidly to Biblical interpretation as to what is a fair thing and when you've dipped too deep in the Devil's Playground of deceit your own personal conscience alarm rings? I'm sure 99.9% of you do.

So, the scribes who wrote up the scriptures, did they employ some 'poetic license' like Jonah lived in a Whale etc? The Loaves and the Fishes? And so on. I'm not for one moment trying to intrude on your beliefs. I believe in a God of some sort as i have reason to believe nothing else or no-one helped me at the time and so sacred mysteries abound. But my worry is the 'copycat' mechanism inherent in Biblical context. I was deliberately late to church. I arrived as it was near ending. My friend rushed up to me..."Ralph you should have been here earlier, miracles occurred ! An ordinary person got up and spoke...miracles!" He didn't explain any further.

I know i know, i am a self confessed "show me the miracle" type. I did notice also on the wide-screen tele on every wall a message "are you in too much of a hurry to go to church...? you can donate on the internet at www..." etc. My mate always flits off. Head honcho said hello. Nice people. Young good looking guy said something, i said "sorry?" he repeated, "God is great..."

"He certainly is young fella." I walked over to the urn and placed a teabag in a cup and put it under what i thought was hot water but it was premixed coffee so i stood there drinking a cup of coftea with a guy staring at me as if to say "what's up?"

Actually my friend who sent his missus home to Indonesia for a holiday (she plays the slots according to her idea of what's allowable under the guise of religion :>), was going to introduce me to this stunner sick of the guy who brought her out here. Another real cutie i met and there's a few, also seemingly disgruntled with the 'old guy' who brought her out here for companionship and out of loneliness.Was, according to her policewoman friend..."sick of her husband also" and her gorgeous young friend was not looking for an old man but a young rich guy "because they come out of poverty." I said to the policewoman "and what do you do for kicks?" She grimaced "i kick the shit out of men!" Sounds like my kind of girl! See the 'ice' epidemic here as in a lot of places,not too good.

This happened at the local dance RSL, I gave the lass my number after she blessed my pokie machine. Told her i was too old for her but i knew a few clubs where she may meet young men but i warned her the rich ones were few and far between and with the advent of Russian and Indonesian women wanting to grace our shores then why would a guy settle for one girl? But that's not to say a guy wouldn't fall in love with a genuine girl. I only know one millionaire and he and his missus are miserable sods and unless you own a block of flats minimum they won't talk to you. Lost track of the young lady but for mine her idea of utopia could end up a big disappointment. Felt sorry for her, but just as sorry for the guy she was planning to dump.

In conclusion, another main thrust of this post is the amount of 'healers' now proliferating tele. This absolute crap where a line up of people are touched by a silver haired con man, begs belief. I know, miracles do occur. I asked my friend to pray for a friend. He did, and asked how she was. I told him she had a terrible back problem now. As always, the 'out.' "Ummm...sometimes things don't come good straight away." Maybe not. Bit like these mediums. "You will come into a fortune ...Uncle Bill will die one day and if his mistress doesn't squander his money you could end up with his fake Mona Lisa! If he remembers you as well as his Mona mistress!"

Look, anyone got a heartwarming story of a couple, the lady from somewhere far flung and happily married and much in love? Be a nice change. Oh, and you religious, you continue to believe what you believe, yes, miracles do happen. For instance i turned an urn full of hot water into premixed coffee...well, i turned it on! Sorry, poetic license. And you numbnuts flogging can now tag on and make silly ad comments. NO? Gosh! What a miracle!

I'll pray for you all. Have a miracle weekend. And i'd like an honest to God truthful description of you and your wonderful partner and wonderful kids...don't lie to me! :>)

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