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Photo Booth Poses for Everyone

by Kabir (writer), , July 19, 2015

Whether you are attending a wedding party, or a family get together or even a corporate event....

Whether you are attending a wedding party, or a family get together or even a corporate event, you’ll find that in all these gatherings, there is at least one thing in common. That is right- you see a photo booth at a very convenient corner, gaining everyone’s attention.

You can see everyone jumping in and out of the booth, thinking of some ‘whacky’ idea, but ending up doing very conventional poses like- a serious look, a goofy smile, a tongue stick-out and sometimes, hardly beyond them!

If you have hired an experienced and reliable photo booth hiring agency, then trust your souls, they all find such typical poses very, very uninteresting and boring. In fact, photo booth poses that lack innovation can be a great hindrance to the photographers who is brimming with creativity. So to help him show his finest performance, as well as to get the most of your photo booth experience, you cannot but help thinking differently. If the creative juice in you fails to flow temporarily, you can still get some fantastic ideas from below. ..

#1: Photo Booth Poses For Wedding

Marriage is all about uniting two love-birds so there has to be some mushy and even crazy moments between them for all to capture. Whether the couples are shy or never hesitate going ever-adventurous, help them make their wedding photo booth as different as possible. The wedding photo booth provider can also, in fact, suggest them poses that they would love seeing them back down the road. Here are some suggestions to help them going…

    ·A surprise kiss – that needs no explanation

    ·Kiss and smooch- a puckered lip and a peck on cheek will do for shy couples

    ·Pick the bride up- anyone can try it if the booth operator gives green signal

    ·Tie pulling- let the girl show you will wear the pants in relationship

    ·The bride caught herself the groom- you will need a fishing girdle for a prop to strike this pose

    ·Heart in hands- the couple will use their hands to create a heart

    ·Blowing kisses- and perhaps, catching them too

    ·Winking and flattering- thus bringing out the college goers in them

    ·Re-propose- At least they can reenact the magical moment

#2: For Ladies Only

Bridesmaids, besties, cousins, distant cousins, aunts, mothers and even grandmothers- anyone can give them a try and contribute their bit to the wedding album. Try any of these girls-please poses like:

    ·The supermodels- give them a chance to show how well they could do as the cover girl of the vogue magazine; expect sparks to come out of them

    ·Bride kissing- for those wishing to tone down on posing, can try creating a bride sandwich or all girl sandwich pose!

    ·Charlie’s Angels- the classic guns up posture, of course

#3: For The Gentry

Boys can also have some fun. Experts photographers suggest how:

    ·Show the gun and be a James Bond- this can be the boys’ answer to Charlie’s Angels avatar. Men can show how well they are at managing guns by imitating the one and only James Bond, or at least the cowboy

    ·The muscle buddy- those have a great body can flex their muscles and show all what they have in them

    ·Fight- faking it only

    ·High-five- would you mind doing it mid air, if possible?

    ·The cool boys- be a tough guy, stand in a no-nonsense pose, folding your arms

    ·Salute! – this can be in any form- consider funny ones or what you will do while on a stadium

#4: Keep Dancing

How well are you at showing your moves? Let the camera know by trying some classic dance steps. Refer to the youtube for a quick recapitulation, or simply do it from your memory. Suggestive steps include:

    ·Gagnam Style

    ·Harlem Shake

    ·Moonwalk or Thriller

    ·The Robot

    ·Soulja Boy

    ·Chicken Boy

    ·Boogie Nights

    ·Running man

Remember that these are only suggestions. You can try just about any dance steps without any inhibition.

#5: Props

Using the right prop while posing in front of the camera has a lot to do with the ‘difference’ factor in any photo album. While there are a lot of props from the photo booth operator’s end to use and enjoy, you can also think of using something of the track. For example, consider using chalkboards with hash tag messages written on it or stuffed toys!

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