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Prepare your home for the baby

by DianaSmith (writer), Melbourne, VIC, July 15, 2015


How to properly clean your home before baby arives

In their first month in the world babies are extremely sensitive to the effects of the environment. Therefore, preparations for the arrival of a newborn to the future home are necessary. The space should be adapted for the child to ensure the child’s peace and, more importantly, adequate sanitary conditions. A baby needs an airy, bright room and its own corner – crib, carrier or stroller. Carriers and strollers can be helpful in the beginning because babies grow fast. All that’s necessary for the baby’s arrival should be prepared before the birth. The preparations should start at the beginning of the third trimester of pregnancy when the belly still allows easy movement for future mothers. Organizing the home as soon as possible is a smart decision because sometimes kids can arrive few week earlier than expected.

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Paint your house

Are you wondering why it is important to paint all the walls in your house or a flat before the baby comes? Fresh paint raises the level of hygiene in the rooms because it removes all dirt that was deposited on the walls. That would be the easiest to notice if the walls were painted white. Painting brings brightness to the rooms and the whole home. Due to clean walls, the air becomes easier to breathe and above all healthier. Freshly painted walls leave a better psychological impression on the parents and the child, because the environment is clean, fresh and nice.

Common room

If the baby needs to be in the parents’ room, special attention should be paid to the furniture setting. The baby’s crib should be placed close to the parents’ bed. The crib should be placed strategically so that there’s room to approach the crib and, at the same time, visual contact can be established. Basically, the crib should be 80 or 90 cm away from the parents’ bed. The space for feeding the baby can be an armchair or the parents’ bed.

The right place for the crib

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Choose the appropriate furniture and carefully set it up. Try to find baby furniture with wheels because it allows more control. Windows, closets, drawers, doors, etc. should be easily accessed. If you can, buy or make furniture with rounded edges and corners. The first thing to do is to determine the place for the crib. It shouldn’t be too close to the window nor should there be heavy furniture hanging over the crib. This is for security reasons and so that your baby wouldn’t look at the bottom of the cabinet or shelf. You can decorate the wall next to the crib with light shelf for soft toys or interesting drawings.

A changing table

Besides the crib, the most space in the room is occupied by changing table. The most convenient place for a changing table is near the crib but far from the possible source of draft. Cupboard with basic baby things should be right next to it, or below it. Make sure that the drawers can slide easily and that there’s no way to pull out the whole drawer when in a hurry.

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Necessary details

Baby’s room should have a good artificial light. It’s best to have one dimmed light for night feeding and one bright enough for stuff like dressing, daily care and playing. In any case, chandeliers and lamps should be put up in a way you won’t be able to knock them down or hit your head on them. Another useful thing is a wall clock so that parents can easily keep track of the time and follow the schedule. Safety comes first. That’s why it’s not recommended to have any heat sources near the crib.

Clean thoroughly

Once the baby comes there won’t be time for house cleaning so it’s best to do it before the birth, when you have a lot of energy and will to secure your ‘nest’. It’s important to get rid of all potential bacteria before the baby’s arrival. Some cleaning products have dangerous vapors which can make you sick, so be careful with what products you should use. Try to avoid bleaches and chemical cleansers, wear protective gloves and do your best not to inhale the strong chemical smell. If you have the right products, there’s no reason for your home not to be sparkly clean floor to ceiling.

Welcoming the baby into the world is the best and the most important event in life of every parent and other family members. Babies change everything and it is important to have the home ready for the baby’s arrival so that adjusting to the parent role goes without additional worries.

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